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Mariano House

Catalán & Bergnes Studio

FAD Awards finalist 2015  Interior Design
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2015 FAD Award to Architecture and Interior Design. The Jury's appraisal: “The project drafted for this small home on the basis of a programme of requirements and a brief inventory of belongings that the owner wished to incorporate develops a set of design strategies taken to their ultimate consequences to generate a formal language that impregnates the house, from the elements that shape the space to the small everyday objects and furniture that have been purposely designed.
Extending the home to the external courtyard succeeds in lengthening the living room through highly economical solutions; it generates the ambiguity of finding oneself inside or outside thanks to the joinery, the great table and the plant pots and favours privacy through the simple use of vegetable fabrics.
Inside, the coherence of the measures taken around the central cupboard achieves unity and an atmosphere that makes us feel how in the new –under a current approach—the previous remains a little bit present.”

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Localización Location: Barcelona, Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Catalán & Bergnes Studio | Marcos Catalán + Victor Bergnes de las Casas. Colaboradores Collaborators: Manel Fernández (Estructura) . Contratista General Contractor: Orlando Márquez S.L.. Ejecución Completion: 2013-2014.. Fotografía Photography: Eugeni Pons
Eugeni Pons
Lloret, Girona