Ephemeral spaces


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Alfredo Lérida Horta, Anna Puigjaner Barberá, Guillermo López Ibáñez y María Charmeco Llanos, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2015  Ephemeral interventions
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2015 FAD Award to Architecture and Interior Design. The Jury's appraisal:““The plurality of combinations that this modular system enables provides a response to a wide variety of graphic compositions of high aesthetic quality. The module’s functionality is complemented with the expressive vitality that gives it its character. We admire the flexibility and accommodation of the module to a variety of situations that go beyond its initial purpose as a display medium.”

The project, assembled for the first time in Barcelona’s Maritime Museum, configures a modular display system that can be reused in the future, designed for the Massana School (Art and Design Centre). The design had to be self-supporting, easy to transport, flexible and adaptable to different contexts and contents. To achieve this the system is defined by means of a minimal metallic structure that operates as a base and guide to configure different spaces and adapt to different display contents.
The metallic structure adopts an L-shaped floor plan, defining the minimum element that configures a space: a corner. The corner allows for an almost infinite combination that defines multiple display space possibilities, from zigzag walls to single-direction walls, crosses or complete “rooms”.
The proportions and composition of the wire structure follow the measure of DIN formats, which allows for the easy hanging of panels with the work of the students, which tend to be produced in the standard sizes of DINA1, A2, A3, etc.
The rods that shape the structure are very thin, 8 mm, lightening the weight per unit to facilitate transport and assembly. To ensure the system’s stability, the rods are anchored to each other to compensate for their slenderness. The structure is perforated and can thus be attached by means of mechanical fixings to the elements to be displayed. The colour of the structure is variable depending on the exhibition and can be repainted according to requirements.
For the exhibition staged in Barcelona’s Maritime Museum, which displayed the works of the students for the World Race Barcelona regatta, 3-mm-thick, lacquered MDF panels were defined which operated as a base for the various objects and images on display. For this occasion the structure was painted in pink and the panels in dark grey in order to enhance them next to the existing light stone walls.

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Localización Location: Museu Marítim, Barcelona. Spain. Promotor Promotor: Massana Escola d’Art i Disseny. Autors Authors: MAIO. Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López i Anna Puigjaner. Colaboradores Collaborators: Numa / Merino (Gráficos). Contratista General Contractor: Pasi Disseny S.L. Serralleria Colas. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia
Alfredo Lérida Horta
Guillermo López Ibáñez
Ana Maria Puigjaner Barberà
María Charneco
José Hevia