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Sevilla. Spain

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La Giganta bar and restaurant

Carlos Pedraza Arquitectos Asociados

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The development of this appealing tapas bar in the centre of Seville’s old town is governed by an evident strategy of formal and formal and
functional restraint.

Located right in the centre of Seville, next to Santa Catalina Church, La Giganta occupies a small premises, and the design team’s intervention displays all of the allure contained within while featuring a functional programme which makes use of all the available space; a priority for the developer considering the scarce surface area.
The simple proposed programme is resolved by a spacious reception area, containing the bar, an intermediate transit area, a transformable dining area with a private section and the bathrooms. The establishment’s terrace is a great asset, as it is the driving force of the business during most of the year.
Therefore the façade is designed as an outdoor bar as well as an entrance area, with a pass for the waiters and serving customers directly from the bar.
The entrance area in the first division receives visitors with a mirror that is framed with an impressive pine profile in the shape of a box, which rests inclined against the wall and duplicates the space, giving the street a clear view of the G profile which hangs above the bar and serves as the corporate image of the establishment. From the inside, the reflection provides a view of the lateral Mudejar façade of the Santa Catalina church. The front of the bar is presented as a striking whole, crowned by the recovered red metallic G, giving the space a retro and industrial touch, and together with the kitchen it handles the orders and service for clients within. The storage spaces around the entire establishment are concealed by lattices of pine slats which are uneven in shape and placement.
The palette of colours and materials is restrained, limited to natural pine, black sheeting and earth-tone facings. Regarding the walls, the right party wall has been approached by removing the existing rendering, cleaning the brickwork and finishing it with lime mortar and fine aggregate, which prevents the discharge issues of the factory’s original mortar. The rest of the vertical facings have been finished with waxed perlite, and slate paint for the menus and price lists.

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Localización Location: Alhóndiga, 6 [Santa Catalina], Sevilla. Spain. Promotor Promotor: Francisco Melero y José Moncayo. Arquitectos Architects: Carlos Pedraza Arquitectos Asociados. Colaboradores Collaborators: Alexis Fargallo. Constructora General Contractor: Manuel Noguero. Ejecución Completion: 2013. Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda.
Carlos Pedraza Arquitectos Asociados

Fernando Alda Calvo