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Barcelona. Spain

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Student halls of residence on the La Salle Campus of Barcelona

Roberto Terradas y Esteban Terradas

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The manner of situating the project according to orientation and vistas, rooms and circulations, together with the colour treatment, characterise this brilliant exercise in residential architecture.
The university halls have been built on the La Salle Campus situated in the upper part of Barcelona, in the Bonanova district next to CalleCuatro Caminos. The halls are situated between two buildings: the classroom block, which presents a façade of photovoltaic cells, and the Administration and Business Park building. The south-eastern façade has excellent views of the city, the sea and theMontjuic mountain. The halls contain 230 rooms and on the ground floor are the restaurant and kitchen facilities as well as a great lounge and study room, the gym and the laundry.
Having a façade with excellent views suggested the advisability of giving preference to circulation and communication between the students against the more classic option of placing the rooms on the façade. Thus a set of ample galleries whose dimensions allow for small lounge areas facilitate not only the circulations leading to the bedrooms but also, and above all, the possibility of encouraging communication among the resident students. In this ample gallery space are both the lifts of the halls and the emergency staircase and study rooms at each end. Barcelona’s benign climate allows these galleries to be open, without glazing, only protected from the sunlight and rain by pleated micro-perforated sheet metal. The sheet metal used in the project is opaque in the daytime and shapes the volumetry of the cubic prism.
It seemed appropriate to enhance these communication spaces for young people of different nationalities through the use of various colours. In daylight, the halls of residence building becomes a compact, opaque geometric body. At night, the micro-perforated sheet metal visually disappears and the various galleries and their colour treatment come into evidence.
It was built from prefab structural elements, and the bathrooms were built in the factory and installed fully finished as soon as each one of the forgings became available.

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Localización Location: Campus universitario de La Salle, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Robert Terradas, Esteve Terradas y Marc Arnal (Terradas arquitectos). Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborators architects: Sergi Lois. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Manuel Mancha. Colaboradores Collaborators: Enric Torrent, Josep Nel.lo y Alfredo Pérez (estructuras) y Oriol Vidal (instalaciones). Promotor Promotor: Resa. Constructora General Contractor: Fausto Facioni Construcciones. Built area: 11.000m². Año proyecto Project date: 2012. Ejecución Completion: 2013. Fotografía.Photography: Pedro Pegenaute.
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