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Oleiros, A Coruña

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Riveira Social Centre

Carlos Seoane, arquitecto

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The creators of this project have managed to construct a versatile building in a public space where the public is a foreign element, and which is characterized by a lack of spaces for interaction.
The project for the Riveira Social Centre was born as a response to the initial proposal to construct a two-storey building on a plot within the Ribeira Town Hall, part of the Oleiros rural nucleus. A space marked by the rural nature of the buildings which surround it, within a landscape characterised by the omnipresence of granite.
The definition of public space is a fundamental element of the project. The exterior space enveloped by the building is as relevant as the building itself, and the proposal makes an attempt at achieving something more than simply another constructed object in a rural nucleus. Its primary concern is articulating its volumes to generate a public space that hosts various social functions, something which is particularly important in a rural environment where public space is limited to paths and their intersections. With this strategy in mind, the project fragments the programme into two distinct volumes which complement each other to achieve a space of interaction in a rural environment.
The aim of the social centre is a building which can host various different activities, and that these activities may change over time. The longitudinal volume focuses on office space for various associations, while the shorter volume, located along the northern edge, is resolved as a multi-purpose space which, thanks to a set of sliding panels, is divisible into smaller spaces which can function as classrooms, varying in size depending on the activity.
With regard to materials, care has been taken not to use any type of leather, covering elements or false linings. The building is furnished instead with high-quality materials that focus on authenticity, removing any trace of finishes or overlapping elements. The materials are presented as they are and will age naturally, thus becoming better integrated into their immediate surroundings.
Ultimately, the aim was to create a versatile building in a public space where the public is a foreign element and spaces for interaction are scarce.

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Localización Location: Oleiros, Coruña, Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Carlos Seoane. Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborators architects: Óscar Fuertes, Eduardo Castrillón y Soledad Bugallo Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Jesús García y Luís Romero. Colaboradores Collaborators: Marcial De la Fuente (ingeniero de caminos). Promotor Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Riveira. Constructora General Contractor: Augasmestas. Ejecución Completion: 2014. Fotografía Photography: Juan Rodríguez y Héctor Santos- Díez.
Carlos Seoane

Juan Rodríguez
A Coruña