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Barcelona. Spain

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Little Shoes

Nabito Architects

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This business establishment, aimed at the children’s market, becomes a metaphor for work and play in a school environment.

The Little Shoes shop is located in Barcelona, near the Paseo de Gracia. The premises are part of a series of shops devoted to the sale of children’s shoes.

The space is entirely comprised of a series of 360-degree ceramic tiles manufactured by Ceramica Vogue. The tiles form a grid with the precision of their lines, defined by the intersections corresponding to their dimensions (5x5 cm, 10x10 cm and 20x20 cm). This grid is a metaphor for the lines in children’s notebooks, which are generally used to organise letters, numbers and drawings. In this case, the grid becomes a guide and assists in the placement of the tiles.

The atmosphere of the establishment is reminiscent of a primary school, in which work, represented by the aforementioned grid, and play, formalised by a series of prismatic elements on the floor, become intertwined with the decoration. The curtains have been selected for their softness and particular texture, with the objective of evoking the warmth of infancy.

The final result is a pleasant space dominated by a simplicity which is synthetic, essential, organised and pragmatic.

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Localización Location: Barcelona, Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Roberto Ferlito y Alessandra Faticanti (Nabito architects). Colaboradores Collaborators: Sebastiano Palumbo (project manager),Angel Luis Gaspar (coordinator at site) y Agita Putnina (chief architect). Superficie construida Built area: 100m². Project date: 2014. Ejecución Completion: 2014. Fotografía Photography: Eugeni Pons.
Eugeni Pons
Lloret, Girona