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Atelier for a painter

Josep Camps y Olga Felip, arquitectos

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The final situation of this delicate volume with its cross-shaped ground plan, built from wood, permits and makes compatible the uses intended for work and for home living in a graceful geometric design.

An artist had the intention of building a painting atelier, with a maximum surface of 60m2, in the garden situated next to his home and with the condition of not exceeding the material execution budget of around 34,000€. The architects accepted the challenge and, together with a local carpenter, proceeded to draft the final project, which had to be designed in a way that would allow it to be assembled in only three weeks in order to avoid generating conflicts with the everyday running of the main home. To achieve this they finally chose a wooden system that would allow it to be previously assembled in the workshop.

The home next to which the atelier had to be built features an “L”-shaped typology that configures a square garden space, in which there is a tree of large dimensions. The aim was thus to preserve the imposing tree, framing the views of the perimeter garden, opening up new vistas, avoiding the visual presence of the house from inside the atelier and thus improving the concentration possibilities of the artist at work.

The atelier space finally acquired a cross-shaped ground plan in which the central double-height space is transformed into the artist’s main workspace, while the four rooms that gravitate around it hold the entrance, the storeroom, the basin and a large sitting space.

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Localización Location: Girona, Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Josep Camps y Olga Felip, arquitectos (Arquitecturia CAMPS FELIP). Colaboradores Collaborators: Mariel•la Agudo (arquitecta), Adrià Masó (arquitecto), Alba Colomer (arquitecta), Joaquim Via (arquitecto técnico) y GMK Grup (Diseño estructural). Ejecución Completion: 2013. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
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Josep Camps Povill
Olga Felip Ordis
José Hevia