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LLP House

Josep María Alventosa, Marc Alventosa y Xavier Morell, arquitectos

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The simultaneous house is a particular form of urban development that is occurring in Vinaroz and in other places on the Castellón coastline. The city has undergone a compact yet extensive growth process based on the seasonality of the year’s two main local seasons. They are two types of lifestyles in the same place. One is organised around the urban and the formal and the other around a more informal, hedonistic lifestyle inherent to vacation periods.

The seasonless house as an alternative to the simultaneous house sets itself apart from this type of habit to consider its own domestic and adaptable atmosphere in all seasons of the year, making of it a device for creating its own climate and a particular one for each occupant. A house without an outside, since everything pertaining to the outside is likely to happen inside.

Within this system, the house builds a great playground which makes of the plot’s strong incline a place from which to observe and include the landscape without being clearly observed from the street. It is in this playground where a more indeterminate and multifunctional way of inhabiting and connecting with the landscape is established. The activities do not have a specific place in which to take place but rather depend on local aspects, views, weather and privacy, allowing the project to develop like a landscape of variable domestic events according to wish, need or optimisation. One where the activity can be expanded or contracted easily and rapidly. It is in this place where “the distant table” or “the squid-hunting lamps” are designed, according to the nomenclature employed by the authors, as large-scale devices for interacting with the playground.

The upper floor, with two different heights, covers the playground by connecting it with the more private activities. The reality superposes them both in a single, continuous, unlimited space. You eat upstairs and sleep on the sofa. You read in the back courtyard and showers against the facade.

The seasonless house is also a house without a place, a Mediterraneanized device. The colour white, efficient for reasons of climate and solar radiation, is also efficient as a singular element in the itinerant habits of its inhabitant. Its execution: a standardised, modulated construction system, customised for the home’s specific needs. Built from the inside out, with double walls in cellular polycarbonate, simple corrugated polycarbonate filters, crimped sheet metal, different glass panes according to the climate on each side of them. The house possesses a waiting structure that is ready for when the client has a higher level of energy efficiency in place.

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Localización Location: Collserola, Barcelona. Spain Arquitectos Architects: Josep Maria Alventosa, Marc Alventosa i Xavier Morell (Alventosa Morell Arquitectes). Colaboradores Collaborators: Diagonal Arquitectura S.L.P. (cálculo estructuras). Constructora General Contractor: Nix Profusta. Ejecución Completion: Agosto 2014 – febrero 2015. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Suppliers list
Mármoles: Mármoles Ros
Carpintería Exterior e Interior, Armarios y Cocinas: Soldevila Construccions de Fusta
Metalista: Serrallería Metcor
Fachada con aislamiento térmico y acabado mineral, particiones y techos, pintura interior: Façanes Alamo
Adrià Goula