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Blue Wave cocktail bar

EL EQUIPO CREATIVO. Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo y Lucas Echeveste Lacy

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The interior of the cocktail bar recreates a wave about to break, which envelops the clients in an aquatic atmosphere filled with nuances and reflections. The wave winds around the surfaces of the space (floor, walls and ceiling), generating a unitary and dynamic space. It is built from bluish reflecting materials that provide gleams and nuances, succeeding in bringing the outdoor marine landscape into the interior space. The material, forceful nature of the vertical wall of water breaks up in the ceiling to become whitish foam in the façade lattice. The sun’s rays at dusk are fragmented on the façade and produce small golden glints on the surfaces.

Ceramic pieces are used on the floor, wall and ceiling, unifying the space and boosting the feeling of a marine wave. Their small format achieves the dégradé effect and their reflective finish causes the small glints of light on water. Two types of pieces were designed: a shell-shaped one in seven different shades of blue and used on the floor, wall and ceiling to explain the break-up of water into foam. The other piece is its negative: a deep blue arch in ceiling and wall. The pieces come in different finishes, matt or gloss, to thus participate in the play of light.

Other reflecting materials also appear, glossy and bluish such as marble slabs, metals and glass. These materials organised on surfaces and panels help to create a patchwork of elements that in the back part of the bar counter frame the glass shelving unit for bottles like a hallmark.

In the north end of the cocktail bar is the terrace: an ample outdoor space opening on to the port which abuts on the roadway of OneOcean Port Vell. The design of the terrace recreates the topography of Mediterranean coves, a transition space between the sea and the vegetation of the forested areas. The wooden decking is raised in the self-contained private units, transforming the flat surface of the floor into a play of volumes that sequentially grows up to the external enclosure. The tall, leafy vegetation encloses the terrace and insulates it from the traffic outside. The irregular-shaped low tables in different types of marble look like pebbles on the beach after the waves have flooded back from them.

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Localización Location: Moll de l’Escar 1, Barcelona. Spain. Diseño de interior Interior Designer: El Equipo Creativo. Colaboradores proyecto Project collaborators: Néstor Veloso, Anna Martínez Salom, Cristòfol Tauler, Savina Radeva, Cristina Huguet y Anna Serra. Proyecto Iluminación Lighting project: ARTEC3. Ingeniería Instalaciones Facilities engineering: IMPLANTA arquitectura. Promotor Developer: Marina Port Vell, Salamanca Group. Constructora General Contractor: OHL. Ejecución Execution: Enero 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 198m². Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
El Equipo Creativo
Adrià Goula