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Caballa Canalla restaurant

MESURA. Carlos Dimas Carmona, Benjamín Iborra Wicksteed, Jordi Espinet Roma y Marcos Parera Blanch, arquitectos

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The well-known Barceloneta Market has the Caballa Canalla restaurant, a new local gastronomic touchstone located in the heart of this district of the city of Barcelona.

In spatial terms, the premises physically open on to the ground floor of the plaza via a magnificent porticoed terrace and visually on the upper level, sheltered by the great market roof that invades the plaza.

The connection between both floors is the nerve centre of the project, a great walkway at a height of 120 cm that exalts the route to the upper storey and makes its existence evident like a stage backdrop from where, like a privileged balcony, one can view a typical Barceloneta scenography.

The ground floor, the daytime space of the project and in light, neutral hues, features continuous microcement flooring, cladding with a great deal of personality created by projecting acoustic foam on to walls and ceilings (which also distinguishes the market’s exposed structure) and materials with patina such as rattan and sisal, or the small-format tufa ceramic tiling that clads the walkway, the element that takes centre stage in the establishment. The space is completed with a show-cooking kitchen opening on to the main dining room and terrace.

The upper floor, which is more associated with dinners and drinks because of the introverted nature of the roof that envelops it, has been decorated in more sombre hues while maintaining the materialities used in the lower floor. In this space, the star element is a staging of pendant luminaires made from wicker in MESURA’s own design. This level is completed with the theatrical kitchen opening on to the dining room (as in the lower floor) and a private room from where to observe the plaza from a privileged height.

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Localización Location: Plaça del Poeta Boscà 1, Mercat de la Barceloneta, Local 1-2, Barcelona. Spain. Proyectistas Planners: Mesura. Partners in Architecture. Rotulación y diseño gráfico Signage and graphic design: Fe Creative Agency. Constructora General Contractor: Constructora d’ARO. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
José Hevia