Donostia-San Sebastián

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NIS estilistas. Hairdresser

Andrea Valoria, arquitecta

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The “NIS” hair styling salon was founded in Morlans, a new district of Donostia-San Sebastián, in a young and innovative spirit. The project is conceived as a space with two differentiated ambiences. On one side a welcoming, dark, dimly lit area that includes the entrance hall and washing area and is an invitation to relax. This ambience contrasts with the working area, a very luminous space and a requirement for the precision of the haircut.

The private uses of the activity, such as utility-storeroom and lavatory-changing room, are concealed in a “box” consisting of the only closed space in the establishment. It separates the washing area from the beauty area.

Access to the establishment is via the north façade through a small show window. The south façade has two large windows, with a second internal “skin” of metallic slats to regulate the entry of light/sunlight into the premises and to preserve the clientele’s privacy from the outside. Perforated in the slats are both the commercial name and the logo of the company as a form of advertising, especially as it is lit up at night-time.

Both the lighting and the furniture have become fundamental, characteristic and exclusive aspects and have been designed by AVestudioarquitectura with the aim of achieving a greater integration with the establishment’s spirit.

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Localización Location: Paseo Morlans 9, Donostia-San Sebastián. Spain. Proyectistas Planners: Andrea Valoria (Avestudioarquitectura). Colaboradores Collaborators: Ignacio Iriarte, arquitecto. Diseño gráfico Graphic design: David Navascues. Promotor Developer: Nis Estilistas. Ejecución Execution: 2012. Superficie construida Built area: 77,33m². Fotografía Photography: Dani Sánchez (Simbia) y Ignacio Iriarte.