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Mr Frank restaurant

Alejandra Pombo, arquitecta

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Mr Frank restaurant, situated in the centre of Madrid next to the Congress of Deputies, was designed on the basis of a clearly defined strategy that consisted of creating two perfectly differentiated ambiences according to the functional programme set out in the owners’ brief.

The premises consist of two floors, one of which, situated on a semi-basement storey and crowned by a ceramic brick vault, is designed as a cave intended for use as a space for evening meals and drinks. The upper floor (mezzanine floor) has large windows on to the roadway and a design characterised by a series of elements that make it very comfortable, such as asymmetrical vaults covered in pinewood with an alpine inspiration and where, in principle, the restaurant itself will be located.

The lower floor, situated a few steps below street level, had been an old wine cellar (19th century) that has been reformed while respecting the essence of its origins. The semi-darkness caused by the reddish tints of the ceramic vault defines a space with a set of characteristics that facilitate a more informal use. With this in mind, a small bar counter with tall tables has been installed, together with a communal wooden table, originally from the old O’Donnell hospital, while at the back a vaulted room has been fitted out as a venue for staging private events.

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Localización Location: Calle Jovellanos 6, Madrid. Spain. Proyectistas planners: Alejandra Pombo (interiorista). Equipo Team: Gema, Raquel, Noelia y Cristina. Promotor Promotor: Paco Ramos. Ejecución Completion: 2013. Fotografía Photography: Eduardo Gil.