Donostia - San Sebastián. Guipúzcoa. Spain

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Zenit Hotel

Izaskun Larzabal

Description Technical file

Its use as a hotel in a setting dominated by the presence of numerous residential new-builds sets this construction apart and conditions its iconic appearance as well as its volumetry and colour treatment.
The building forms part of a mixed urban setting on the confines of the historic city, specifically in a riverbed surrounded by new residential buildings and fit-outs, framed by the pronounced green slopes typical of the city’s upper districts.
This is a heterogeneous architecture in a part of the city that is also heterogeneous, the district of Morlans, which has developed very quickly. The hotel seeks to form an integral part of a new urban dynamic, offering a new focal point and occupying a space of modernity.
Right from the start, this exercise is approached as a somewhat unusual and adventurous project. In essence it was conceived as a glacially white “iceberg”, an “igloo”, a strategic landmark in the city that would contrast with the green of the slopes, with a certain sculptural touch of subtle lines, edges, planes and angles, with repetitive openings that create a play of light and shadow.
The project, which lacks any historical and stylistic reference, emphasises the total absence of decoration and underlines the pure lines of its design. The choice of a smooth external skin, a solid abstract composed of large white panels made of Krion, reinforces the original idea while giving the project its strong identity. The specific layout of the marked corner angle offers a dynamic design charged with strength and energy through a shape that evokes a ship’s prow. Slight inflections in the façade make the physical connection with the building’s sculptural idea.
These inflections become a transparent plinth in the bottom part, softening the building’s sculptural appearance and giving it warmth through the abundant use of wood in contrast with the cold appearance of the whole, at the same time inviting passers-by to come in, displaying the interior space through large glazed openings.
The entrance is located in one of these openings in the east façade. This entrance leads to the main lobby, which in turn leads to the bar/restaurant/dining room and the nucleus that connects the ground-floor lounges with the rooms in the upper floors and the terrace situated on an intermediate level. These raised floors are interconnected via a perforated courtyard that floods the interior spaces in natural light through a roof light.

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Localización Location: San Sebastián/Donosti. Spain. Autores Authors: Izaskun Larzabal | Arquitectura | Urbanismo. Arquitecto director Architect Director: Izaskun Larzabal. Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architect: Ane Larrieta. Ingeniería de instalaciones Installations Engineering: Factor 4 Ingenieros Consultores S.L. Ingeniería de telecomunicaciones Telecomunications Engineering: IP21 Ingeniería de Proyectos S.L. Estructuras Structures: Ingeniería Lanchas S.L. Instaladores Installers: Pronur S.L. y Girolan S.L. Interiorismo Interior design: Marta Catalán y Aitana Oyarbide. Promotor Developer: Zenit Hoteles S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Lurgoien S.A. Año proyecto Project date: 2013. Ejecución Completion: Julio 2014. Superficie construida Built area: 3.668,71m2. Fotografía Photography: Luis Mª Ambrós y Susana Aréchaga.
Suppliers list
Parqué, revestimiento de paredes y estructura de madera: Carpintería Ada

Sobre técnico y revestimiento del mostrador del hall, revestimientos baños: Matimex

Instalaciones Generales: Pronur

Pavimentos de madera: Parkmobel
Izaskun Larzabal
Donostia | San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa
Susana Aréchaga
San Sebastián
Luis Maria Ambrós
San Sebastián