Barcelona. Spain

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Yurbban Hotel

Albert Blanch y Mercè Conca

Description Technical file

Timelessness, serenity and recognition of every detail in a contemporary framework are descriptions that synthesise the final result of this Hotel project in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona.
Based on the existence of an unregulated building owing to its excessive volumetry, obsolete in terms of its use as a warehouse and apart from the urban setting in which it stands (curved, glazed façade in ground-breaking colours), the integral refurbishment project had the goal of transforming the building into a 3-star hotel with the necessary design of an architectural proposal that, while maintaining the volume, would be able to integrate into the context of the buildings on calle Trafalgar in Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella district.
One of the principal difficulties encountered by this project, aside from the presence of its discordant volumetry, was the need to make the different heights of the forgings compatible and to build a new staircase, all of this with reduced floor plan surfaces.
The intervention on the existing main façade is based on the following strategies: eliminating the curved body and the entire enclosure; proposing a solid façade with openings, a treatment decided by its base, shaft and crowning, seeking to reconcile it with the party walls and proposing a different yet integrated colour scheme.
Noteworthy in the final result is the “visual elimination” of floors 6 and 7 by installing vertical slats (fitted perpendicular or vertical depending on the case) which do not eliminate the view from the front but do so from a foreshortened view (the building is always seen to be sidestepped), formalising a continuous and abstract colour grid, “concealing” the windows hiding behind. At the same time a better formal relationship is achieved with the two adjacent buildings.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Albert Blanch Segarra y Mercè Conca Gómez (BCA Blanch + Conca Arquitectura). Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architect: Xavier Plà (PLAAT). Project Manager Project Manager: Ricard Pérez (INITIA serveis-TRTarq tècnica). Estructuras Structures: David Gracía, arquitecte (Bis arquitectes). Instalaciones Facilities: Ramon Codina. (Estudis Eco2005 S.L.). Interiorismo Interior design: Raquel Sogorb (Estudio Raquel Sogorb). Constructora General Contractor: Sogaman residencial S.L. Año proyecto Project date: 2013 Ejecución Completion: 2014. Superficie construida Built area: 3.601,50m2. Fotografía Photography: Mathius de Felipe y Begoña Solis.
Suppliers list
Mobiliario a medida y carpintería: Martinez Otero Contract

Mobiliario tapizado, cortinaje y complementos cama: Mar Casal Estudio Textil

Mobiliario Terrazas : Mesas Sillas y Puf. Colección Anti-C: Lobster’s Day www.

Parqué y Tarima: Parmovil Decoración
Blanch + Conca. Arquitectura
Begoña Solis

Mathius de Felipe