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Barcelona. Spain

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Bar Nou Restaurant

MAIO. María Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López y Anna Puigjaner

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A decided formal intervention in terms of modernity, together with the necessary reflection on the spatial staging and its capacity for qualifying a relaxed space in terms of ambience, describe this reform project situated in Barcelona’s Ensanche district.
Locate don a chamfered corner of Barcelona’s Ensanche, the reform of the old bar demanded the creation of a new spatial formulation in keeping with its new identity, fairly freely associated with traditional Catalan cuisine.
To do this, a new system of vaults was created to rebuild a succession of differentiated rooms that give the space a domestic character without thereby losing out on a continuous perception between the different zones.
Starting out from the existing V-shaped floor plan, the intervention concentrates on the ceiling, which consists of a sequence of wooden barrel vaults and variable diameters. Once the formal rules of the game were defined, they were rigorously adhered to.
This construction system extends to the line of the façade and freely intersects with the pre-existence in all its points. In this way the meeting point of the ceiling with the façade reveals the vaulted section through the windows so that the profile of the interior space is cut out against the façade. The section thus becomes the establishment’s showcase.
But there is no system without its exception, no exception without a system. The entrance exposes, like a piece of stage machinery, the outer curve of the vaults to make their non-structural nature evident and thus reinforce their stagey, fictional appearance since, as he authors say, «Every identity is blended into a symbolic construction»

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectura Architecture: MAIO. Equipo de arquitectos del proyecto Architecture Project Team: María Charneco Llanos, Alfredo Lérida Horta, Guillermo López Ibáñez y Anna Puigjaner Barberà. Diseño interior Interior Design: MAIO. Consultores Consultants: Miquel Àngel Vaquer – Food Manners (Food Concept). Gráficos Graphics: Ana Domínguez. Propietario Owner: Proyectos y desarrollos bcn s.l. Constructora General Contractor: Jordi Ter. Fecha proyecto terminado Date Project Completed: Enero 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 149m2. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Suppliers list
Carpintería de madera: Pasi Disseny
Alfredo Lérida Horta
Guillermo López Ibáñez
Ana Maria Puigjaner Barberà
María Charneco
José Hevia