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Picanya, Valencia. spain

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Multiuse pavilion of the Gavina school

Arturo Sanz, Carmel Gradolí y Carmen Martínez Gregori

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This multiuse pavilion, built as an enlargement of an existing school building, succeeds in establishing a delicate balance of architectural compatibility between the different volumetries of the school complex.
The enlargement of the Gavina school facilities in the town of Picanya, in Valencia, entailed the construction of a pavilion to hold all kinds of events (meetings, parties, music and theatre spectacles, etc.) as well as regular use as a sports facility.
The new building establishes a relationship with the existing building, which dates from 1980, with the clear intention of maintaining a dialogue between varying architectures within the framework of necessary mutual respect.
The existing building was formed from a structure of porticoes that ultimately defined a rectangular prism with a powerful presence. The strategy for the new project entailed the partial emptying out of the prismatic volume, while the structure, formed from a powerful sequence of porticoes, was preserved in its entirety.
The building’s final composition, intended for a sports hall, seeks to reinterpret the original cues of the existing architectures with a different constructional solution: a rectangular prism comprised of concrete walls in which all the corners have been emptied out in order to place in them the different entrances to the site. A spatial structure resolves the roof and its geometry gives rise to a series of triangular roof lights whose strategic position and sequence allows the daylight to flood it in a controlled manner, thus favouring its use for sport.

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Localización Location: Picanya, Valencia. Spain. Autores Authors: Arturo Sanz & Carmel Gradolí, arquitectos y Carmen Martínez Gregori, arquitecta. Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architect: Francisco Vallet Ferrer. Ingeniería de instalaciones Installations Engineering: Pablo Gómez Sanchez. Estructura Structure: VALTER, Valenciana de estructuras. Promotor Developer: Escola Gavina Cooperativa. Constructora General Contractor: ENSECON, Obras y Servicios, S.L. Año proyecto Project date: 2011. Ejecución Completion: 2013-2014. Superficie construida Built area: 1.348m2. Superficie urbanizada Developed area: 4.000m2. Fotografía Photography: Mariela Apollonio.
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Celosía cerámica: Ceramica Ferres
Arturo Sanz

Carmen Gradolí

Carmen Martínez Gregori

Mariela Apollonio