Matola, Alicante. Spain

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House IV

mesura. Carlos Dimas Carmona, Jordi Espinet Roma, Benjamin Iborra Wicksteed, Marcos Parera Blanch y Jaime Font Furest

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A new space sheltering under a vaulted mantle brings new life to this house located in the countryside of Elche, in the outskirts of the town of Matola with its warm and humid climate and its arid sun-drenched landscape.
This project for the construction of a house in the town of Matola seeks to go beyond a simple response to the brief of designing a great outdoor covered space for events, a new habitable space and a polyvalent hall.
Understood through the reinterpretation of the local build tradition, a clear and audacious strategy was defined according to a unitary roof system that breaks up the hierarchy between indoor and outdoor spaces in which the atmosphere, light and convenience of each place is conditioned by the presence of ceramic walls as a filter, as an interface with the user and as an organiser of the spaces.
The project’s floor plan layout dispenses with the indoor-outdoor hierarchy and attributes equivalent importance both to the spaces with a defined use and to the more ambiguous ones. A single roof, interrupted by the presence of a single tree that from its central position sees the building pivoting around it, succeeds in unifying the entire intervention.
The ceramic pieces provide an optimal build response to the wall outline set out in the project. Besides being one of the local construction systems, in material terms they give the spaces a singularly comfortable atmosphere.
Together with the ceramists of a local “bòbila” (brick factory), several studies and working sessions were conducted in order to achieve a ceramic piece that meets all of the project’s factors: an extremely horizontal piece, manually fired, with a changing texture, arid and irregular. While the proportion of the piece accords with the dimension of the walls, the brickwork using the Flemish bond uses a single piece format, with no reductions or special pieces.

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Localización Location: Matola, Alicante. Spain. Autor Author: MESURA. Carlos Dimas Carmona, Jordi Espinet Roma, Benjamin Iborra Wicksteed, Marcos Parera Blanch y Jaime Font Furest, arquitectos. Ingeniería Engineering: Ingestar Engineers S.L.P. Maqueta Model: Dani Granados & MESURA. Constructora General Contractor: Construcciones y rehabilitaciones Mettas. Año proyecto Project date: 2012. Ejecución Completion: 2015. Fotografía Photography: Pedro Pegenaute.
Suppliers list
Carpintería exterior de madera: Carpintería Jofer

Iluminación técnica: Leds-C4 comunicació

Mobiliario: Lifra contract

Pavimento de mármol travertino: Kendra Espai Creacions
Carlos Dimas Carmona

Jordi Espinet Roma

Benjamin Iborra Wicksteed

Marcos Parera Blanch

Jaime Font Furest

Pedro Pegenaute