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Disseny Hub Barcelona. Offices for the FAD and BCD museum

Jordi Badia

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A collage of wallpapers creates a dense and comfortable space while acquiring a radical central role as a backdrop and a benchmark for fashions and the passage of time.
Jordi Badia won the competition organised for this purpose within the Dhub building in Plaza de las Glorias of Barcelona, with a proposal inspired in an image –the house of Charles and Ray Eames— which transmits a specific idea of comfort relating to disarray and the patina of time that the build-up of objects can give a space. In answer to the cold and impersonal place that was given him, where he was not allowed to manipulate floors, ceilings, windows or walls, Badia set out to give it density and texture. Encouraged by the reference to the Eames, who superpose with deliberate freshness a set of elements of varying condition and origin in an open container, the architect resorts mainly to decoration techniques –wallpaper, rugs, curtains, tables acting as reflecting surfaces—to give a perceptive use to the space.
Among these elements the bold wallpaper collage acquires a radical central role. Given its double condition of graphic design and interior design material, the author chooses it as a symbol of fashions and the passage of time, uninhibitedly combining prints from a wide variety of eras and origins. The result is a powerful backdrop that meets the essential needs –sequence, texture and materiality—and leaves everything else open to use. The current occupation of the offices by their users demonstrates that the open atmosphere has completely naturally integrated the furniture and objects that have also occupied the space.
At the same time, the author establishes a continuous interior cornice at a height of 2.10 metres, seeking to give the space a human scale. This abstract line, which will mark all the walls, is formalised in two ways: on one hand, as a join between the different prints of wallpaper and, on the other, by defining the height of the small boxes that invade the space of the central boulevard to break up its linearity while at the same time absorbing the entrance to the different workspaces.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Jordi Badia, arquitecto (BAAS arquitectura). Jefe de equipo Team leader: Rafael Berengena, arquitecto. Colaboradores Collaborators: Marcos Catalán, Mireia Monràs, Eva Damià, Cristina Anglès, Zoí Casimiro, Albert Casas, Xavier Gracia, Mercè Lorente y Alba Azuara. Instalaciones Installations: PGI. Promotor Developer: Diseny Hub Barcelona y Ayuntamiento de Barcelona (B.I.M.S.A.). Constructora General Contractor: Sinergia. Ejecución Completion: 2013. Superficie construida Built area: 2074.70m2. Fotografía Photography: Marcela Grassi.
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Mobiliario: Bernadi

Papel pintado: Tres Tintas Barcelona
Jordi Badía
V. Grassi, Marcela