Zamora. Spain

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Offices for the Castile and León Government

Alberto Campo Baeza, Pablo Fernández Lorenzo, Pablo Redondo Díez, Alfonso González Gaisán y Francisco Blanco Velasco

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The formal power of a high stone wall maintaining the alignments with the urban road network houses inside it a freely composed glass box housing the offices of the Castile and León Advisory Council.
With its front giving on to Zamora cathedral, following the outline of an old convent’s kitchen garden, the architects behind the project have built a powerful fence formed from stone walls and open to the sky whose material nature, both in the walls and in the internal natural stone paving, is the same stone from which the neighbouring cathedral is built. A veritable Hortus Conclusus. On the corner looking towards the cathedral is a larger stone measuring 250x150x50cm, a true “cornerstone” into which the following text is carved: hic lapis angularis maio MMXII posito.
Inside the stone box is a second greenhouse-like glass box. From a double Mure Trombe-type façade, its external skin is built from glass in a single piece measuring 600x300cm, joined together with structural silicone only and nothing more, as if it was all filled with air.
In the upper angles of this box are the complete glass trihedrons that make the sought-after transparency even more visible: what Mies Van der Rohe was looking for in his renowned Friedrichstrasse tower. The trihedron built from air is presented as a veritable “cornerglass” and features the following engraving on its facets: hoc vitrum angularis maio MMXII posito.
The stone box erected from memory, with the “cornerstone” rooted in the earth and with the glass box made from the future and with the “cornerglass” merging with the sky: the architect’s old dream.

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Localización Location: Zamora. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Alberto Campo Baeza, Pablo Fernández Lorenzo, Pablo Redondo Díez, Alfonso González Gaisán y Francisco Blanco Velasco (Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza). Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architect: Juan José Bueno Crespo. Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborating architects: Ignacio Aguirre López y Miguel Ciria Hernández. Colaboradores Collaborators: Alejandro Cervilla García, Emilio Delgado Martos, Petter Palander y Sergio Sánchez Muñoz. Estructuras Structures: Eduardo Díez – IDEEE. Instalaciones Installations: Úrculo Ingenieros. Consultor vidrios Glazing consultant: José Pablo Calvo Busello. Promotor Developer: Junta de Castilla y León. Consejería de Hacienda. Constructora General Contractor: U.T.E. Edificio Consejo Consultivo: Dragados - San Gregorio. Ejecución Completion: 2012. Superficie construida Built area: 12.100m2. Fotografía Photography: Javier Callejas Sevilla.
Alberto Campo Baeza
Pablo Fernández Lorenzo

Pablo Redondo Díez

Alfonso González Gaisán

Francisco Blanco Velasco

Javier Callejas