Avilés, Asturias. Spain

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Refurbishment and enlargement of the ArcelorMittal R&D Global Centre

Sergio Baragaño Cachón

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This interesting refurbishment and enlargement uses steel, the flagship material of the city of Avilés, and the corporate colours of the developer company, as the central elements in his project.
The origin of this project was the need expressed by the ArcelorMittal R&D Global Centre in Avilés for more working spaces in an existing, rational and markedly symmetrical building featuring a heavy architecture, large load bearing walls and an exterior finished in brick that had already undergone an enlargement in the 1970s.
The insideOUT sushi roll, also known as Uramaki, has the peculiar feature of having the rice on the outside and the nori (the algae) on the inside, enveloping the filling. This is why it is called inside-out roll. In this intervention, the authors play with these INSIDEout concepts of the building, the city and the materials.
Steel, a material that goes in and out of the building covering facades, staircases and roof, makes reference to the rolling mills where it is produced as well as to the company –the world’s largest producer—and to Avilés, a city which holds a prominent position in this industry. The metallic parts of the intervention can be 100% reused and 70% of them come from recycled steel.
The project develops from two fundamental lines of action: first, that of recovering the spaces, façades and functionalities of the existing building and, second, erecting two new buildings.
The previous façade of the building housing the Technological Development Centre, where brick and concrete predominated, has acquired a new metallic visage. Now predominant are the corporate colours of ArcelorMittal: dark grey and orange. Inside, the vestibule has been reformed with the aim of vertically connecting the three stories of the old building, generating a new atrium that serves as the building’s access.
The intervention has arranged two ground-floor buildings next to the Technological Development Centre: a new visitor reception pavilion denominated Open Office which contains two meeting rooms, a rest area (cafeteria) and a toilet area. A second building called Finger Lab contains an energy, environment and process simulation lab as well as a meeting room and toilets.

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Localización Location: Avilés, Asturias. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: baragaño. Equipo Team: Sergio Baragaño y Inés Suárez, arquitectos. Gestión de la construcción Construction Management: Sergio Baragaño (baragaño), Ignacio Bayon (gestión) y Rubén Rendueles (Dirección técnica). Estructuras Structures: Dacer0. Promotor Developer: Arcelormittal. Ejecución Completion: 2012. Fotografía Photography: Mariela Apollonio.
Sergio Bargaño Cachón

Mariela Apollonio