Sabadell, Barcelona. Spain

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HUB TIC Sabadell

Roger Orriols Gil

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The choice and subsequent installation of a series of obsolete containers from the nearby port of Barcelona characterises this subtle intervention undertaken in an abandoned industrial unit in the city of Sabadell.
The TIC HUB of companies is an ecosystem comprising a business centre, companies that service the business centre, a lab and a technology-degree school with total capacity for around 100 jobs and 40 students.
ROA conceived the brief to reindustrialise an abandoned unit for the new ICT services under the concept of “Box in a box”, taking as the principal box the recycled maritime containers from the port of Barcelona, which are placed inside the “second boxes”, the abandoned industrial units of the port of Barcelona.
To do this, in refurbishing the unit the sawtooth section of the roof was taken as a guide for organising the functional programme into four major zones; an open space with batteries for collective work, a lab and exhibition room, offices, a school and auditorium in a prefab closed space and a fourth one with the restaurant and car park. They are all organised around a central nucleus of maritime containers strategically placed as a filter space that organises and distributes the users from the access to the site to the auditorium and school.
In regard to work-related aspects, the working space was designed so as to incentivise creativity, stimulate the senses, enhance talent, increase quality of life and enable the necessary co-working of all the workers by creating a clear stimulus around the containers, with special attention given to the light and to highlighting the benefits of the new workspace compared to conventional offices.
As for added value in the environmental aspects, choosing containers was not just the metaphor and the guiding thread for conveying knowledge; it was also a basic and strategic starting point in terms of sustainability.

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Localización Location: Sabadell, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Roger Orriols Gil, arquitecto (ROA arquitectura). Colaboradores Collaborators: Marta Cristiano, Elisenda Lluís, Ramon Vidal, Josep Planas, Cèsar Giravent y Jaume Cervelló. Ejecución Completion: 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 1.707,75m2. Fotografía Photography: Mònica Martínez Do-allo.
Roger Orriols Gil

Mònica Martínez Do-allo