Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona. Spain

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Offices for Phformula Internacional labs

Cristina Balet y Esther Roselló

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Flexibility, versatility, polyvalence of spaces and low budget are the premises underpinning this attractive interior design project.
The offices were designed for the company Phformula Internacional S.L., which distributes and markets dermatological creams. The project is for the inside of an industrial-use building designed by the Pich-Aguilera architecture practice situated in Sant Just Desvern in Barcelona. The floor is open-plan: it is only interrupted by the building’s pillars and is flooded in diffuse light thanks to the windows situated in the top of the walls that shape the façade enclosure. A single, larger window on the east façade interrupts the rhythm of windows, bringing more direct light into the interior. The building’s industrial nature is manifested in the materials used in the space: concrete floor, concrete block walls and waffle slab.
The floor is divided to delimit the area intended for warehouse and the office area where the project has been undertaken. The office space is shaped through the construction of a series of containers situated along the floor’s entire perimeter. The intention was to build the limit and liberate the centre of the space, erecting the thicker perimeter walls by means of units containing objects and utensils, which ultimately determine the more specific use given to its more immediate surroundings.
A guide unit has been designed for the south façade, which allows the wooden desks on superposed castors to slide along the unit. The guide permits adding as many desks as necessary as the number of employees in the company grows. This guide is accompanied by a cable conduit, which can be enlarged and is embedded in the unit, for carrying power and data and connecting the computer system required by each desk.

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Localización Location: Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Cristina Balet Sala y Esther Roselló Fernández (Balet Roselló Arquitectos). Colaboradores Collaborators: Eulàlia Grabolosa Mata, arquitecta. Promotor Developer: Laboratorios Phformula Internacional S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Alsamasa Construcciones S.L. Ejecución Completion: 2015. Fotografía Photography: Davide Camesasca.
Cristina Balet

Esther Rosselló

Davide Camesasca