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Coworking utopic_US Conde de Casal

Izaskun Chinchilla

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The authors of this project start off from the intention, as part of their overall strategy, of paying tribute to the image of large cities, the urban protagonists of the coworking phenomenon, reinforcing the connection between design and user.
According to many studies, the coworking phenomenon is intrinsically associated with the urban world. The density, mix of people and opportunities produced by a large city favours the appearance of places whose reason for being is to share creativity.
This space on calle Conde de Casal, in Madrid, is the first space tackled by its authors under this philosophy, and so they have resorted to two classics: New York and Tokyo. Two cities where everyone wants to travel, where everyone wants to return to and whose icons we recognise in every corner of the planet. They are places that form part of our universal imagery. New York remains the emblem of an open city to which one goes to invent and succeed; and Tokyo remains the place where cutting-edge technology is compatible with an ancestral culture.
Madrid is a city whose cultural history can be described through the transformations imposed by the younger generations. How the Millennials have made us believe in the importance of forming networks, in the benefits of sharing. These premises is an ambitious project and forms part of a network of spaces that seek to become the headquarters for this generation that is transforming the city of Madrid.
The project consists of fitting out these existing premises. To do this a versatile yet characterful fit-out has been designed that can be transferred to other premises while being memorable. Industrial and contemporary furniture was modified and transformed (beds into tables, bunk beds into Skype rooms, etc.) and a lot of colour has been applied through fabrics, ceramics, papers, etc.

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Localización Location: Madrid. Spain. Autor Author: Izaskun Chinchilla Arquitect@s. Equipo Team: Izaskun Chinchilla, arquitecta (dirección), Adriana Cabello, Alejandro Espallargas, Guillermo Sánchez y Jesús Valer, arquitectos y Cristina Traba, estudiante en prácticas. Superficie construida Built area: 900m2. Ejecución Completion: 2016. Fotografía Photography: Miguel de Guzmán (Imagensubliminal).
Izaskun Chinchilla

Miguel De Guzmán