London. United Kingdom

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Second Home, coworking in London

José Selgas y Lucía Cano

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A new coworking concept, handling the economy in its broadest and original meaning and necessarily entailing high occupancy density, is here resolved through the visual and physical fluidity of the spatial ensemble.
Second Home is situated in the Spitalfields area of London’s East End, next to the still somewhat alternative Brick Lane market. The concept of a coworking space consists of taking in around 30 businesses with a transition rate similar to that of the district and closely associated with technology. The possibilities for renting the different studios are multiple and highly elastic, varying from an individual post –in a large communal space accommodating up to 75 people—to studios for 5, 7 or 10 people, or a larger studio with room for a maximum of 20 people.
But the most important aspect of the programme is the communal spaces, which can be used by any of the members: there are 7 meeting rooms, several rest spaces for reading or chatting, an ample bar-cafeteria zone and a large mixed work-events area where a large desk can be raised up to the ceiling to leave an open-plan space for any other activity.
The actual Second Home concept entails the unavoidable need for occupying with small working spaces each corner and each zone, flooded in daylight and, of course, able to access each one of these different zones distributed around the ends, ensuring that no space is wasted, with every corner having a use and no angles not fitted out for sitting down to work, talking or relaxing.

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Localización Location: Londres. United Kingdom. Arquitectos Architects: José Selgas y Lucia Cano (Selgascano). Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborating architects: Paolo Tringali, Víctor Jiménez, Bárbara Bardín, María Levene, Inés Olavarrieta. Arquitecto de costes Costing architect: Jackson Coles. Gestión del proyecto Construction Site Management: OD Group. Estructuras Structures: Tibbalds. Diseño de muebles Furniture design: Selgascano y Secondhand design furniture. Promotor Developer: Second Home. Ejecución Completion: 2014. Superficie construida Built area: 2.400m2. Fotografía Photography: Iwan Baan.
José Selgas

Lucía Cano

Iwan Baan