Multi-family dwellings

Vitoria, Álaba. Spain

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111 Social housing flats in Vitoria

Roberto Ercilla

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The orderly volumetric composition of this social housing complex in Vitoria contains an elaborate strategy seeking factors such as natural light and ventilation that, together with a set of devised typologies, enhance its environmental performance.
This project’s volumetric composition proposal adopts a U shape as specified in this sector’s planning byelaws in force, generating three gaps in the corners of the complex. When the initial volume is broken down, this allows for increased sunlight and ventilation in the central courtyard, thus favouring the environmental performance of the complex.
All of the façades have been clad with a series of perforated recycled aluminium panels, providing onlookers with a collection of shifting images that become a large screen of light and shadows that vary according to the aperture and illumination of the planned openings. This skin can be opened or closed at all of the façade’s openings via casement shutters, giving the block a unified appearance and a unique character compared with the unstructured surroundings.
111 homes (83 with 3 bedrooms, 28 with 2 bedrooms) fall into five typologies, with a design that ensures interior crossed ventilation and downpipes located in the central zone. The kitchen can be connected to the sitting room or be kept separate, depending on the occupiers’ preferences.
The strip of bedrooms has been designed with the wardrobes against the façade wall, creating additional acoustic dampening of exterior noise and significantly improving the characteristics of the flats on a thermal as well as acoustic level. Considering its proximity to the railway, this decision is a feature of great importance.

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Localización Location: Vitoria, Álava. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Roberto Ercilla. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: Amaia Vasallo. Colaboradores Collaborators: Iñaki Ciganda, Raquel Ochoa, Marina Anda, Vanesa Otaduy, arquitectos. Estructuras Structures: Eduardo Martín. Ingeniería Engineering: Amaiba Ineniería. Gestión ambiental Environmental Management: Mamen Orbañanos. Promotor Developer: Construcciones EBA S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Construcciones EBA- Grupo San José. Superficie construida Built area: 16.411,00m2. Fotografía Photography: Pedro Pegenaute.
Roberto Ercilla Abaitua
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alaba
Pedro Pegenaute