Multi-family dwellings

Begues, Barcelona. Spain

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33 Social Housing flats in Begues

Pilar Calderon y Marc Folch

Description Technical file

This is a project which, beyond adhering to social housing requirements such as compactness and economic and environmental sustainability, is also involved in the construction of the area, accentuating its relationship with the neighbouring nature park.
The selected typology is a floor plan that is open on all sides, as it is the most compact option and therefore the one offering the most favourable ratio of flat surface area to communal surface area. This typology also facilitates the arrangement of four flats and a lift per floor, making the development more profitable. Furthermore, the flats are proposed as compact and autonomous units like the pieces in a jigsaw, articulating a swastika-shaped floor plan where the flats rotate around the access nucleus, giving each of them a double orientation. The structure features the same layout: the pillars are located at the rotary axes and liberate the flats from their presence with the aim of making them highly flexible, open-plan spaces.
All of the flats start with the same layout, dividing the floor into three longitudinal strips: bedrooms and sitting room, hallway and bathrooms, multipurpose space and kitchen. The sitting room is located at the corner of the floor plan and the kitchen is adjacent to the façade, with the objective of enabling direct ventilation. These decisions suffice to arrange the floor plan, while the proposed variations are a result of the uneven arrangement of openings in various widths, the construction of five balconies facing the main street and the emergence of courtyards on the ground floor.
Likewise, the fragmentation of the programme into three parts is the starting point facilitating a solution to the problem of an uneven plot. This strategy allows for greater precision in the integration and placement of the ground floor in each building, in a way that largely minimises the required excavation. A set of gently tilting retaining walls according to the natural slope of the plot and the street configure courtyards, squares and other free spaces, ultimately generating a development that is closely linked with the location.
The topographical character of the free space also features a chromatic proposal that allows the new intervention to identify and fit in with the neighbouring nature park, participating in its natural beauty. Thus the chalky nature of the façades reflects the location’s stones, while the three main façades, each a different shade of green, are the abstraction of the nearby trees, while the galleries and overhangs are that of the flowers.

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Localización Location: Begues, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Pilar Calderón y Marc Folch. Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architect: Joan Vilanova. Colaboradores Collaborators: Pablo García, arquitecto. Estructuras Structures: BFA (ingeniería). Instalaciones Installations: URBE (ingeniería). Promotor Developer: Institut Metropolità de Promoció de Sòl i Gestió Patrimonial (IMPSOL). Ejecución Completion: 2011. Superficie construida Built area: 3.841,00m2. Fotografía Photography: Lourdes Jansana.
Pilar Calderón
Folch. Marc
Lourdes Jansana