Barcelona. Spain

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150 Social Housing flats in Barcelona

Conxita Balcells

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This large-scale residential project effectively and sensitively resolves the difficulties created by the functional programme and the proximity of large listed buildings as well as the necessary relationship with an urban environment of recognised historic value.
For many years, the lands of the old Estación de Francia train station were a large urban void in the centre of Barcelona as well as a physical barrier between the Ribera and Barceloneta districts. This part of the city is of strong historical importance, as it was reclaimed from the sea concurrently with the creation of the Barceloneta district, in an area outside the city’s old walls.
At the request of the Barcelona Municipal Housing Board, this project for the construction of 150 flats was created with the main objective of giving an appropriate urban response and thus respecting and highlighting the location’s history, as well as its urban and metropolitan scale. It especially aims to appropriately relate to the building, roof and canopy of the neighbouring Estación de Francia.
The architectural proposal aims to respond to the dense functional programme proposed for the construction of 150 flats while taking into account the uniqueness of the location and arranging the flats in the best manner possible, considering the shade created by the large volume of the adjacent buildings and ultimately to define a volume that is complex yet simple. The final solution consists of a single volume with two courtyards in which the north, east and west façades follow the perimeter of the plot. The perimeter of the façades breaks up on the eastern side and follows the direction of the neighbouring Barceloneta blocks.
The flat typology separates the day and night zones. A strip of services incorporating kitchen and bathroom is located parallel to the entrance corridors of the flats, making the installations easily accessible. The rest of the space is arranged perpendicular to the façade, providing most of the rooms with direct ventilation and illumination. The layout of the kitchen aims to minimise the corridors, creating crossed views and increasing the spatial feeling of the flats.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Conxita Balcells Blesa (Conxita Balcells associats). Equipo Team: Francisco Mouzo, Maria Alejandre, Ana Lete, Oriol Ribes, Jordi Brunet, arquitectos. Arquitecto Técnico Technical Architect: G3 Josep Mª Forteza. Estructuras Structures: Bernuz-Fernández arquitectes s.l.p. Promotor Developer: Patronat Municipal de l’Habitatge (PMHB). Constructora General Contractor: Sacyr. Ejecución Completion: 2014. Superficie construida Built area: 21.655,58m2. Fotografía Photography: Jordi Surroca y Desdedalt (fotografías aéreas).
Conxita Balcells
Jordi Surroca

Arbúcies, Barcelona