Multi-family dwellings

Bayonne. France

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“Puerta de entrada” flats and facilities complex in Bayonne

Josep Lluís Mateo

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In this important and structural urban project, its volumetric and morphological complexity indicates a willingness to adapt to the context as well as reduce the urban impact of the building’s high density.
Three interventions make up the structural and urban context of this project located in a strategic location of the French town of Bayonne: Marinadour, a dense residential complex located over the urban park, a retail podium and car park generated by traffic reorganisation which segregates pedestrian flow, and the Rivadour, a continuous urban block with a permeable ground floor which follows the course of the neighbouring Adour river.
These interventions propose three independent and complementary strategies: Marinadour, as the principal volume, had to possess volumetric characteristics in accordance with its stature, while in the urban park, it is the vegetation, transparency and pedestrian connectivity that take centre stage. Finally Rivadour is a building that had to possess linear characteristics with diverse boundary conditions.
The Marinadour complex requires the organisation of significant urban density with a mixed programme that includes parking and a shopping centre, established at the base of the flats that rest on a large platform.
The complexity of the volumes enables the emergence of a series of garden courtyards that create openings in the constructed mass of the main volume, allowing for improved interior illumination and ventilation.
The perimeter of the complex adapts to its spatial and functional conditions in such a way that the south and east façades – those most exposed to traffic – are protected from noise by a double layer of glass that generates a highly energy-efficient terrace-greenhouse. Its sloped cornice gives the building a dynamic appearance and accompanies the road traffic that runs tangentially to the building. Towards the west, the volume is broken down and its cladding is metallic and reflective, aiming to allow air and light to enter the courtyard, while towards the river, on the north façade, the horizontal lines of the terraces are supported by the geometry of the water.

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Localización Location: Bayone. France. Autor Author: Josep Lluís Mateo, arquitecto (Mateo arquitectura). Colaboradores externos External Collaborators: BOMA (estructuras). Paisajismo Landscape: Michel Desvigne (parque de acceso al puente), Manel Colominas (patios) Promotor Developer: Kaufman & Broad (Marinadour), Agglomération Côte Basque-Adour - Mairie de Bayonne (El parque) y Eiffage Immobilier (Rivadour.) Ejecución Completion: 2016. Superficie construida Built area: 70.000,00m2. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula, Luc Boegly y Aitor Estévez.
Josep Lluís Mateo
Adrià Goula
Aitor Estevez