Multi-family dwellings

Barcelona. Spain

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32 Sheltered housing flats, Primary Care Centre and car park in Barcelona

Jaume Valor (Valor-Llimós arquitectura) + Marc Obradó y Elisabeth Sadurní

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This project, with its complex functionality, focuses on social as well as environmental sustainability given its role as a space for the relocation of elderly people at risk of social exclusion.
The building, located on calle Còrsega and developed by the Municipal Housing Trust, is on the plot previously occupied by the Cibeles dancehall which was for a long time a tradition of Barcelona’s social life. It is at the intersection of the Eixample and Gracia districts and includes three distinct usages: 32 assisted living flats for the elderly, a Primary Care Centre and parking for 44 vehicles.
The three uses require very strict dimensional parameters which, combined with the layout of fixed elements such as installations, structures and fire protection measures, establish a highly complex setting for the distribution of spaces. Conversely, the requirement of independent entrances for each of the different uses and the connections between the installations and the exterior networks make the ground floor the nexus of all these functional requirements.
The general volumetry as well as the building’s skin are highly conditioned by its dual role as a public facility and a residential building. For this reason, the architects propose a façade where the proportion between empty and full is consistent with its surroundings while still making apparent the public nature of the Primary Care Centre. To this end, the façade’s plane is enhanced by the use of a single material and by changing the type and dimensions of the openings, with the sole exception of the balconies of the flats, which protrude as much as is allowed by the byelaws.
On the other hand, the desire to make the most of natural lighting and ventilation leads to the use of an attic floor that withdraws from the façades, generating an elevated ramp which functions as a lobby and aims to be an extension of the street, as a space for the interaction of the citizens.
This project is an experiment in the field of energy efficiency (trial building of the HighCombi project of the 6th EU framework programme) and was recognised as such when named winner of the “5th Endesa Award for Spain’s most sustainable residential building 2011”. It is a trial run for future acoustic certification as well as for an acoustic absorption system based on deep foundation panels.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Jaume Valor (Valor-Llimós arquitectura) + Marc Obradó y Elisabeth Sadurní. Arquitectos Técnicos Technical Architects: GPO Ingeniería. Colaboradores Collaborators: Marc Abril y Laura Llimós. Estructuras Structures: L3J tècnics associats S.L.P. Instalaciones Installations: Aiguasol / L3J tècnics associats S.L.P. Imagen gráfica Graphic Design: Conrad Torras. Constructora General Contractor: Beta Conkret S.A. Ejecución Completion: 2011 (viviendas y aparcamiento), 2016 (Centro de Atención Primaria). Superficie construida Built area: 6.350,00m2. Fotografía Photography: Jordi Surroca.
Valor-Llimós Arquitectura
Mataró, Barcelona
Jaume Valor

Marc Obradó

Elisabeth Sadurní

Jordi Surroca