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Barcelona. Spain

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Roofing and fit-out of the Three Chimneys Park sports facilities

Daniel Gutiérrez y Olga Gutiérrez

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This project’s required multifunctionality within an intensively-used urban park situated in the city of Barcelona has been addressed through a skilful strategy that combines economy of means with the design of an architectural space of interest.
The scope of the project is the space occupied by the sports track and changing rooms of the so-called Three Chimneys Park in Barcelona’s Sants-Montjuic District. The proposal aims to integrate the new project into the park while maintaining the same industrial language, without incorporating materials or geometric shapes that are alien to the park’s unique architecture.
The sports track is covered with a deck-type lightweight surface that hangs from the supporting structure comprised of a series of metallic struts resting on existing pillars. This succeeds in reducing the height of the volume involved in the roofing, integrating it into the framework of the park’s proportion and scale. The project makes the most of the supporting structure already in place for the car park immediately underneath the sports track, resituating the roof pillars in order to make them coincide.
The perimeter enclosure made up of metallic slats only allows for diffuse light to shine through while ensuring natural crossed ventilation and preventing rainwater from coming in. The slats transform the building at night into a lamp that diffuses the light of the sports track and illuminates the park, preventing the existing light pollution.
The natural lighting of the sports track is via roof lights that provide the appropriate homogeneous light for this type of fit-out while reducing the consumption of artificial light.
Indoors, a strip built from OSB board partitions the storeroom, access to changing rooms and track services. On the external façade, a strip of glass humanises the façade as seen from the streets and allows for a transition between the existing galvanised steel plinth and the slats, giving the building its light appearance.
The project recovers the original paving of the sports track, made from recycled tyres, giving it a treatment to ensure the necessary adherence for sports usev.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Daniel Gutiérrez y Olga Gutiérrez (080ARQ). Colaboradores Collaborators: Aquilué-Serrat, TRAM, JGingenieros y Juli Cortés. Promotor Developer: Barcelona d’Infraestructura Municipal S.A. (BIMSA). Constructora General Contractor: Arcadi Pla S.A. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2011. Ejecución Completion: 2014-2015. Superficie construida Built area: 1.385 m2. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia Bach.
Daniel Gutiérrez
, Barcelona
Olga Gutiérrez
, Barcelona
José Hevia