Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. Spain

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Pan y Pasteles Pastry Shop. 12,000 strawberry lollypops

Virginia del Barco

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Twelve thousand strawberry lollypops festively and cheekily characterise the interior space of these retail premises where the corporate image takes centre stage in the spatial ensemble of this interesting project.
The authors were commissioned to design a third Pan y Pasteles pastry shop in the Madrid area launched by the same developer. The customers maintain the philosophy that each shop has to be unique and different from the previous one, with the only conditioning factor being the presence of the colour pink as the corporate image.
The premises, situated on the ground floor of a characterful building, is located in the historic heart of the town of Alcalá de Henares. At the time when the interior walls were starting to be demolished, both inside and in the façade, the designers saw that the passage of time and the successive reforms had succeeded in making the brick fabric of the walls speak for itself, bringing a great deal of personality to the space.
To achieve a contemporary design, which was the initial goal, the authors sought to find an element with a strong character that could compete with the powerful consistency of the more-than-150-year-old walls without overshadowing them. With this aim in mind, they designed an artistic installation, which required hanging more than 12,000 strawberry lollypops (or wooden sticks) from the ceiling, in three different magenta hues, which now attract every gaze. This installation has been framed in a white upper frieze that runs along the entire establishment and right to the bakery area, a pure box whose mirrored ceiling multiplies the tide of pink wooden tubes.
The lighting for this project is a bespoke design, as is part of the furniture. The tables, stools, shelving, bar counter, blackboards and light boxes in the façade are the work of the designer and architect herself.
The high-quality microcement flooring gives the space a fine constructional elegance. Part of the wooden pilasters, which had rotted due to damp, have been replaced by steel profiles coated in chocolate brown, generating a highly dynamic dialogue between the old and the contemporary.

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Localización Location: Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Ideo arquitectura. Arquitecto principal Main architect: Virginia del Barco, arquitecta y diseñadora. Colaboradores Collaborators: Mayte Barrios, arquitecta. Constructora General Contractor: Madrigal. Ejecución Completion: Diciembre 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 55m2. Fotografía Photography: Miguel de Guzmán.
Virgínia Del Barco
Miguel De Guzmán