Barcelona. Spain

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Provisional information point in Plaza de las Glorias

Marta Peris Eugenio y José Manuel Toral. peris + toral.arquitectos

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Given the presence of a series of large-scale buildings in this area, a piece of linear characteristics is proposed here to minimise its presence through a shell that blurs its contours.
The temporary building forms part of the provisional development of Barcelona’s Plaza de las Glorias. The functional programme consisted of building an information space, a display area on the transformation works in the square and a rental point for electric bicycles.
The piece stands on the crossroads of two pedestrian routes: one crossing the square in the sea-mountain direction and another one defining an axis that will connect with the other two provisional facilities, the holm oak nursery and the new pergola.
The ephemeral nature of the provisional building, which can be dismantled and reused, determines the choice of the structural system: scaffolding that minimises its footprint on the territory and a material form in keeping with the context of the square’s building works.
The scaffolding also operates as a base for three shells: an impermeable translucent polycarbonate skin, a mesh to filter solar radiation and provide shade and a metallic protective mesh that closes off the building. Each shell has a different volume and purpose, so that superposing the three skins loses presence in the ends of the building, where two thresholds are generated, protected by the enclosure of triple-torsion metallic mesh. In these areas, a building works net holds the hanging balls with the logo that identifies the building.
In the daytime, depending on the sun’s position, the transparencies, shadows and reflections provide a changing perception of the building, both from the inside and from the outside. At night, a source of artificial light flush with the floor, between the polycarbonate shell and the shade-providing mesh, illuminates the interstitial space so that the source of light is never in view. Both materials operate as diffusers, illuminating the building’s interior space. From the outside, the superposition of shells generates a halo of light that blurs the building’s limits.

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Localización Location: Plaza de las Glorias Catalanes, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: peris+toral.arquitectes. Equipo Team: Marta Peris y José Manuel Toral, arquitectos y Izaskun González, estudiante de arquitectura. Dirección de obra Site management: Marta Peris y José Manuel Toral, arquitectos y ICC.S.L. Colaboradores Collaborators: Ana Espinosa y Leticia Soriano, arquitectos. Estructuras Structures: Manel Fernández / Bernuz- Fernandez aquitectes S.L. Instalaciones Installations: Jaume Pastor / Eletresjota tècnics associats S.L. Promotor Developer: BIM/SA (Barcelona d’Infrastructures Municipals, S.A.). Constructora General Contractor: Benito Arno e Hijos. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: Diciembre 2014. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
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Estructura general de la obra a base de andamio: Layher
Marta Peris Eugenio
Toral, Jose Manuel
Peris + Toral Arquitectes
José Hevia