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Barcelona. Spain

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Zero Energy RM Passive House

Pilar Calderón, Marc Folch y Pol Sarsanedas

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This projects is an example of how the use of clearly implemented active and passive technology can coexist with formal contemporary design with high expressive value.
The Project is a result of one family’s desire to change their current dwelling to one more in line with their life philosophy.
The Zero Energy RM Passive House is self-sufficient energy use building, that is, a zero net consumption building. The challenge was to design a ZEB (zero energy building) that could be achievable but also provide a maximum level of comfort. The house consumes very little energy (it adheres to the Passivhaus standard) and produces its required energy using renewable sources.
Its design, constructive systems and materials focus not only on energy efficiency but also reducing the environmental footprint, as well as meeting and respecting bio-habitability criteria (health and well-being). The first step was to carry out a geo-biological study that provided information on the location’s ascension lines and electromagnetic currents. The design incorporates these parameters to define the geometry of the building and ensure that the rest areas do not coincide with the areas of greatest natural radiation.
In addition to meeting the challenge of zero energy consumption and energy self-sufficiency, the design manages to generate the right spatial relations for the professional and family projects to coexist. Rather than imposing landscape design criteria, the proposed placement on the plot and relationship with the surroundings frees up as much of the plot as possible so that the inhabitants themselves can transform it as time goes by, promoting a way of life that is completely open and creative.

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Localización Location: El Maresme, Barcelona. Spain. Autors Authors: Pilar Calderon, Marc Folch y Pol Sarsanedas, arquitectos. Aparejador Quantity surveyor: Joan Vilanova. Estructuras Structures: Marc Sanabra, MASA. Instalaciones Installations: Tersol. Constructora General Contractor: Papik. Ejecución Completion: 2016. Superficie construida Built area: 198m2 (vivienda y taller) + 38m2 (terraza). Fotografía Photography: Pol Viladoms.
Pilar Calderón
Folch. Marc
Pol Sarsanedas

Pol Viladoms