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A Coruña. Spain

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Aguado Dental Clinic

Naiara Montero Viar

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A strategy supported by a subtle and intelligent vision of the different ways of treating its luminosity characterises this interesting work of interior architecture in the city of La Coruña.
The premises intended for a dental clinic are situated on busy calle Juan Flórez in the city of A Coruña. The authors found premises covering around 150 m2, very narrow and elongated, with only two facades giving on to the exterior: one of them, the main one, is open to the street and the back one to a communal inner courtyard.
The project sets out to distribute the premises into two areas: the public one where the patients ultimately have access to all the dental surgery areas, and the private one for the personal work of the dentists and a rest area for the staff. In consequence, the reception desk is the one that distributes the public area, organises the entrance hall together with the waiting room and two consulting rooms and the sterilisation zone. It is all illuminated by daylight and provides views of calle Juan Flórez at all times.
As one enters and walks through the premises, the private area in connection with the back façade holds the distribution of the main office, rest areas and workshop. This area is distanced from the patient entrance and exit and seeks the peace and convenience of the workers, either for resting or for concentrating on their work. Owing to the conditions of the premises, which is characterised by being long and narrow and having little daylight, one of the principal materials used to give it shape is glass. Using it as a distribution element makes the most of the daylight yet provides the privacy in some of the spaces that this type of establishment requires. The entire functional distribution strategy of the clinic revolves around the idea of vertical elements, either for cladding or for decorating the walls.
Certain spaces in the clinic are clad in wooden slats that maintain the idea of verticality, in some cases incorporating light in their back part to provide a very pleasant and characteristic luminosity.
The reception desk in the entrance was viewed by the project as the element that distributes the space. It is clad in slats of the same characteristics as the rest. Moreover, to ensure the privacy of the consulting rooms, the glass partitions feature a series of screen-printed slats that guarantee some degree of opacity while allowing light into the spaces.

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Localización Location: A Coruña. Spain. Arquitecta Architect: Naiara Montero Viar. Colaboradores Collaborators: Ana Pol Concheiro y Pablo Mera Montecelos, arquitecto. Cliente Client: Ana Aguado. Constructora General Contractor: Gespronor (Gestión integral de proyectos del noroeste). Ejecución Execution: 2014. Superficie construida Built area: 145m2. Fotografía Photography: Pablo Mella.
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Naiara Montero Viar

Pablo Mella