Healthcare architectures

Bilbao, Bizkaia. Spain

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IMQ Zorrotzaurre Hospital

OAB. Carlos Ferrater – AIDHOS. Alfonso Casares

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The polygonal façade transforms this hospitalisation unit into the icon of the work, responding to the location and developing into the gateway to the future remodelling of the Zorrozaurre area, configuring a new urban front giving on to the estuary in the line of contemporary buildings such as the Guggenheim and the Euskalduna Centre.
The Hospital of Bilbao’s Igualatorio Médico Quirúrgico is a unitary, all-encompassing building insofar as it has internalised the city’s very own genetic code, marked by the modernity of a highly contemporary geometry and the industrial tradition of a long history that dates back to mining times.
The project defines a single enclosure that through its plinth unites the different parts of this complex hospital programme defined by the abstract treatment of the external shell, ruled by full-height structural ribs. The flexible modulation lends itself to a great deal of versatility in the subdivision of the internal space.
The idea of interactivity is present on all of the building’s levels of connection, and the diversity and functional autonomy of the different pieces manifests itself in the longitudinal sections as well as in the proposal’s outline, which features a very orderly structure of great functional clarity.
The rooms feature a high level of comfort and sweeping views of the exterior, with the four suites on each floor located in the most unique ends to thus make the most of the larger surface.
The infirmary is located in the intersection between the two pieces to facilitate patient care, reducing the horizontal routes and generating access control on each floor. From an environmental and sustainability point of view, the approach was to apply passive eco-efficient parameters generated by the building’s actual design, as in the optimal relationship between orientation and use, natural ventilation, control of solar radiation and thermal loss through control measures such as modular, accessible cladding, air chamber on the façades, double glazing and solar protection… plus active eco-efficient parameters such as a discharge-separating network and an internal circuit for reusing water, the use of renewable energies, thermal solar panels for supplying domestic hot water, etc.

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Localización Location: Bilbao, Bizkaia. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: OAB. Carlos Ferrater – AIDHOS. Alfonso Casares. Colaboradores Collaborators: OAB. Núria Ayala, AIDHOS. Antonio Ocaña y KATSURA. Luís Domínguez. Propiedad Ownership: Igualatorio Médico Quirúrgico. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2009. Ejecución Execution: 2010-2012. Superficie construida Built area: 43.580m2. Fotografía Photography: Joan Guillamat.
Carlos Ferrater Lambarri
Alfonso Casares Ávila
Joan Guillamat Castells