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Al Sabah Medical Area, Kuwait

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Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center

AGi architects

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Cardiac medicine, its fundamentals and even the aesthetic of its working tools have all served here for building an architectural discourse on which to propose a different hospital building with a clear vocation for care tailored to its users.
In most cases, hospitals are perceived as places with negative connotations, even more so if they are rehabilitation and observation centres where patients need to remain for lengthy periods. This is why, when designing the Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Hospital in Kuwait, the project strategy sought to change this perception and succeeded in devising a positive space that could act as the container of a social activity more than a centre providing hospital care only.
In this regard, the first element to consider was the building’s exterior (including its material aspects and volumetry), since it generates the first connection between the patient, the hospital and its setting, generating a powerful, stony body marked by two large red-coloured openings in the façade that extend an invitation to enter the building. This stone façade provides the necessary protection from the harsh climate of Kuwait while ensuring high levels of sustainability and low maintenance costs.
The building has a large triple-height central atrium concentrating the waiting and circulation spaces. A red-coloured space, generously flooded in daylight from the different courtyards, gives rise to an uncrowded hospital experience, in contrast to the spaces on a tighter scale usually found in this type of building.
The consultation rooms, grouped on three levels in the building’s south body, are designed as small specialised self-governing cells and comprise two exploration areas, a consultation room and their own waiting area. Each cell is organised around a small patio that provides natural light and ventilation for each one of these zones.
The specialised rehabilitation services (such as the swimming pool, the gym and the walking track), research services and management offices are strategically situated in the building’s north zone, open to the outside and with direct views over Kuwait bay.
In the interior, the choice of materials is also based on functional criteria relating to local conditions. The floors and skirting boards in the public areas are an extension of the exterior stone, with the addition of red-coloured metallic panels forming the main atrium and surrounding courtyards. In contrast, the areas restricted to hospital staff, which have higher bacteriological and sanitary control requirements, are finished in vinyl in a colour code that helps to distinguish the different departments and provides better orientation inside the building.

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Localización Location: Al Sabah Medical Area, Kuwait. Arquitectos Architects: Nasser B. Abulhasan y Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea, arquitectos (AGi architects). Jefes de proyecto Project leaders: Bruno Gomes y Hanan Alkouh. Equipo de proyecto Project Team: Stefania Rendinelli, Nima Haghighatpour, Ana López Cerrato, Alfredo Carrato, Juande Jiménez, Sara Abu Saleh y Ali Alyousifi. Cliente Client: Hisham A.Alsager. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2015. Superficie construida Built area: 15.000,00m2. Fotografía Photography: Nelson Garrido.
AGI Architects

Nelson Garrido