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Environmental design in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

Rubio Arauna Studio y Rai Pinto Studio

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Image and colour subtly interact within this healthcare space in which the project’s strategy aims to recognise the children who are its main users.
The decoration project in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital arose from the need to “paediatrise” the emergency area of this recently renovated children’s hospital situated in Barcelona. In the language of the hospital’s managers, “paediatrising” involves adapting the hospital space to the needs of the children, in other words, making the boys and girls feel comfortable and allowing them to interact in a playful way in an environment that is not friendly in itself.
This was the idea behind The Animals’ Hide and Seek, a concept that operates as the guiding thread through the different spaces of the hospital. The system is generated through animal shapes on a real scale concealed in the architecture and built in a highly specific visual language based on repetitive sections, a certain range of colours and a constant dialogue between the second and the third dimension. This system generates endless interventions, all of them interrelated. In this way, we will find more than a hundred animals, different from each other but connected, distributed around every corner of the hospital.
On one hand, the animals’ hide and seek addresses the need to “ paediatrise” and on the other helps a space covering more than 5,000 m2 to appear as a continuous visual identity to the users while always respecting the elements of the existing architecture and integrating into them.
The project, initially devised for a specific area, was soon extended to all of the hospital floors and even to the exterior areas. An indoor and outdoor graphic signage system has also been designed for the entire centre, in line with the decoration project.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Dani Rubio Arauna, diseñador gráfico / Rubio Arauna Studio y Rai Pinto, interiorista / Rai Pinto Studio. Colaboradores diseño de interiores Interior Design collaborators: Mireia Sandoval, Marta Angrill, Maritza Ramos y Carla Cantó. Colaboradores diseño gráfico Graphic Design collaborators: Pol Pintó, Pablo Estarriaga, Olivia Boix y Nerea Borrell. Arquitectura preexistente Preexisting architecture: Llongueras Clotet Arquitectes. Fechas proyecto Dates Project: 2012-2017. Fotografía Photography: Victoria Gil y Borja Ballbé.
Rubio Arauna Studio
Rai Pinto Studio
Victòria Gil

Borja Ballbé