Healthcare architectures

Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona. Spain

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Primary Care Centre in Vilafranca del Penedès

Josep Ferrando + Pedro García

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This proposal for a healthcare surgery allows for modular flexibility, making it highly suitable for a centre with such specialised and varied uses. The areas in the programme can be interchanged without affecting the proposal’s modulation or structure.
The building is situated at the crossing two streets with widely different characters and section but of great importance for Vilafranca. The new surgery understands and responds to the setting with a clear, clean and articulated volumetry: a low body that increases its presence on the corner, at the intersection of the streets, marking the entrance to the building and becoming the new gateway into the town.
The building’s design is based on the void. The patios articulate the volumetry and the spaces, ensuring perfect lighting for all the spaces and favouring the privacy required by a healthcare building. The articulation of the patios achieves domestic and human proportions in the waiting rooms, corridors and the rest of the common spaces, favouring convenient use and quality visual and lighting relations. The proposal creates controlled intakes of light to offer architectural richness in the spaces through the different textures and colours it creates along the way. The proposal is based on a system of extensible and modular aggregation that is spatially very rich. The building consists of two floors housing the public and semi-public areas and a third floor at the end of the access for the staff areas, storerooms and installations.
The building is a tapestry where a suite of patios measuring 2.5x12.5 m allows for the ventilation, lighting and distribution of all the ground-floor public areas, rationalising the circulations and waiting rooms. The patios are enlarged by 60 cm on the first floor to favour daylight flooding the ground floor, resulting in richer light boxes with a volumetry that allows for visual communication between the patios on the first floor.
The materials used also respond to a double scale. On one hand, the prefab concrete pieces give the volumetry its character as a public building, as a new gateway into the town, which contrasts with the clean, white and luminous interior where materiality is embodied in the light itself, which floods the spaces through large windows that frame the relations between the interior and the exterior. Glass and windows are shifted inwards and outwards in these large sheet metal frames, establishing different spatial relationships with the exterior and the patios to ensure the privacy of the consulting rooms and the waiting rooms.

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Localización Location: Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Josep Ferrando + Pedro García. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Toledo-Villarreal (proyecto) + G9 arquitectura i gestió SCP (obra). Ingeniería de estructura Structural Engineer: Josep Nel·lo. Colaboradores Collaborators: Ramon Subirà, Jordi Pérez, David Recio y Marc Iserte. Cliente Client: Infraestructures S.A.U. Constructora General Contractor: Romero Polo S.A. Fechas proyecto Dates Project: 2007-2014. Superficie construida Built area: 5.500,00m2. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Josep Ferrando

Adrià Goula