Multi-family dwellings


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110 Rooms. Residential Building

MAIO [María Charneco Llanos, Anna Puigjaner Barberá, Alfredo Lérida Horta y Guillermo López Ibáñez].

FAD Awards finalist 2017  Architecture
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The Jury’s appraisal: This project’s contribution is a wise rereading of the residential buildings between party walls inserted in the city blocks of Cerdà’s Ensanche in Barcelona, in terms of various scales, functions and materialities. The spatial generosity with which the entrance hall was dealt with offers the neighbours additional circulation and living spaces, bringing in daylight through the uncovered inner courtyards, which give back this type of privately developed buildings a dignity that had been forgotten in recent decades. As for the apartment floors, their domestic programme is addressed with great intelligence in its layout, providing a suite of interconnected rooms without the need for corridors. This typological solution also allows them to make better use of the available surface and provides versatility for future uses and new layouts.
This project began with the radicalisation of everything that seemed valuable about the domestic typological tradition of Barcelona’s Eixample. Thus the standard floors are formalised according to the distribution of (almost) identical rooms that traditionally characterised the area’s dwellings in the late 19th century. The use of these dwellings has shifted throughout the decades but without undergoing any substantial changes. An apparently rigid system that nonetheless allowed for a change in usage over time.
Having understood this typological condition, the residential building has been conceived as a system of rooms in which the programme of each apartment can be modified according to the future requirements of its inhabitants. With this flexibility as an objective, the rooms feature similar dimensions, eliminating any sort of spatial hierarchy and predetermined programme. Each floor can be defined and reprogrammed as needed - even the position of the kitchen can be modified. This flexibility is possible thanks to the location of the bathrooms, containing vertical facilities that can be connected to all the bedrooms. Each floor is divided into four five-room apartments, all interconnected without any need for corridors. The kitchen is located in the middle, and the other rooms can be used interchangeably as bedrooms, studies or sitting rooms.
The ground floor reinterprets the traditional sort of lobby that is popular in Barcelona’s Eixample district, where the use of marble and open space define the reception area.
Like large habitable objects, traditional units now become stony volumes located in the centre of a large open space.
The open interior patios enable natural ventilation, and literally transform the ground floor into an extension of the garden and the street. The facade functions in a similar way: an archetypical traditional composition has been directly replicated. The façade is proposed as a direct reinterpretation of the “ordinary” and traditional architecture of Cerda’s Eixample, dominated by lime plaster with decorative motifs, vertical openings, balconies and folding shutters.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: MAIO [María Charneco Llanos, Anna Puigjaner Barberá, Alfredo Lérida Horta y Guillermo López Ibáñez]. Espacios exteriores Outdoor spaces: Beatriz Borque + MAIO. Aparejadores Quantity surveyors: Gaspar Alloza Ginés, Vanesa Solano Martín. Arquitecta paisajista Landscaping architect: Beatriz Borque Badenas. Ingeniería instalaciones Installations engineering: Font i Armengol. Estructuras Structures: Masala Consultors.Colaboradores Collaborators: Miguel Bernat y Núria Ortigosa. Fecha proyecto terminado Date Project Completed: 2016. Superficie construida Built area: 2.795m2. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Suppliers list
Carpintería interior: Tramed
Fabricación de carpintería exterior de madera: Carinbisa
Mármol en pavimento y revestimientos: Taller D’En Pich – Stone Design Center Barcelona - CNC & Waterjet Solutions
Alfredo Lérida Horta
Guillermo López Ibáñez
Ana Maria Puigjaner Barberà
María Charneco
José Hevia