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Badia del Vallès, Barcelona. Spain

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Restoration of Joan Oliver park

DATAE / Claudi Aguiló Aran, arquitecto y Albert Domingo Ollé, ingeniero

FAD Awards finalist 2017  City & Landscape
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The Jury’s appraisal: Of particular value was the fact that the intervention on this existing park took place underground, that is to say, it cannot be seen, though it resolves the constant flooding that this space suffered before it was rehabilitated. In this way, the trees are preserved intact and grow naturally on the continuous earthen surface, providing a multifunctional space for the inhabitants.
The project includes the refurbishment of the existing public space of Joan Oliver park in Badia del Vallès and of two adjoining areas in order to improve the way it integrates into the municipality. The reform of the park covers a central esplanade and two hillsides with a substantial pine grove that results from adapting to the topography inherent to this place.
The two hillsides follow the structure of the current park and this minimises the impact of the intervention, ensures the utmost compatibility with the pre-existence and boosts the qualities inherent to it. The first hillside is moderately sloping and has been designed as a grass-covered rest area. The conditions of the existing tree plantings were improved and two major pedestrian routes were paved, with the slopes being adapted to ensure that the green areas were maintained.
The second hillside, on the opposite side and more steeply sloping, features steps surrounded by tall shrubs that visually pick up on the central space of the park.
The central esplanade is a great flat sand surface that retains its original level to avoid altering that of the existing pines while improving the problematic drainage through a system of filtering surface catchment as well as a system to retain and infiltrate ground water that improves the park’s consumption and avoids having to connect it to the general sewerage system. The great central esplanade is a multifunctional space that allows people to both pass through it and to remain under the shade of the trees, children to play or organising collective spectacles for the whole town.
As for the materials, maximum priority was given to the filtering zones such as those covered in sand or vegetation in the form of shrubs, grass or trees. The paved areas appear only where the slope of the passageways requires a durable finish.
All the concrete, whether for paving or for benches, is in black, sandblasted and with a selected aggregate that is also black.
The retaining wall is made from gabions filled with aggregate, also black. Given that this was a refurbishment project, it was sought to maintain and improve some of the existing elements such as the pergola, to which a finish of wooden slats has been added as well as new lighting.

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Localización Location: Badia del Vallès, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: DATAAE / Claudi Aguiló Aran, arquitecto y Albert Domingo Ollé, ingeniero. Colaboradores Collaborators: Elisa Ferrando, Ileana Manea y Mercè Amat, arquitectos (DATAAE). Agronomía Agronomy: Catalina Montserrat (AMB). Promotor Developer: AMB (Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona) / Ayuntamiento de Badia del Vallès. Contratista General Contractor: José Antonio Romero Polo SAU. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: Noviembre 2013. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: Julio 2016. Superficie construida Built area: 9.339,57m2. Fotografía Photography: Jordi Surroca y Gael del Río.
Suppliers list
Instalaciones de alumbrado exterior: Citelum Ibérica
Jardinería, riego y mobiliario urbano (pérgola): Fundación privada Ilersis
Juegos infantiles: Happyludic
Claudi Aguiló Riu

Jordi Surroca