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#RavalKm0. Christmas lights and arches

María Güell Ordis y Curro Claret

FAD Awards finalist 2017  Ephemeral interventions
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The Jury’s appraisal: The Raval KM0 project revolves around that which is most valuable about Christmas: solidarity, generosity and love. The project also programmed complementary activities that provided training and temporary work for the district’s neighbours while also serving as an inspiration by taking as figures the motley residents of Barcelona’s Raval district. Undertaking it was thus participative and agreed among them. Despite its simplicity, the Christmas ornamentation proposal involves a strong message and an emphatic aesthetic proposal. Both the process and the result of the project are undoubtedly a clear path to follow in the ephemeral installations that deck out our streets at a time of solidarity.
TOT Raval is a project promoted by the group that is the driving force behind Socially Responsible Territory (TSR) and developed from the collective work of the district’s different bodies, institutions and shops to build and apply a socially responsible philosophy.
It involved the Christmas lights for the Raval district (calle Hospital and calle Joaquim Costa), produced in the district in the Impulsem headquarters, hiring people looking to go back to employment, giving them brief training and a professional application that can open doors for them in the future. This meant that the production process had to be simple so that i t could be executed with only the indispensable level of difficulty.
First the district’s citizens were consulted to find a point of union within the framework of their ethnic, religious and social variety. The result produced “affection” as the theme.
Portraits of hugs between neighbours were finally represented in a sequence of “arches” of light distributed along the two streets.
The photographer Maria Espeus, a resident of the district, photographed her neighbours: families, shopkeepers, groups of professionals who work on the streets… based on the photographs, the outlines were sketched that were later made into lights.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: María Güell Ordis y Curro Claret, diseñadores. Promotores Developers: Fundació Tot Raval, Impulsem SCCL, y Eix Comercial del Raval. Grupo promotor del TSR (Territori Socialment Responsable) TSR promoter group: Museu Marítim de Barcelona, Associació Amics de la Rambla, Impulsem SCCL, Associació Veïns/es La Taula del Raval, Servei Solidari, Casal dels Infants per a l’acció social als barris, Eix Comercial del Raval y Fundació Tot Raval. Financiación de las luces Financing of lights: Ajuntament de Barcelona, Pla de Barris Raval Sud, Fundació Banc Sabadell, Regidoria de Comerç i Mercats y Districte de Ciutat Vella. Financiación de las bolsas Financing of Bags: Obra Social “la Caixa” i Barcelona Activa. Instalación de las luces Installation of lights: Citelum Groupe EDF. Colaboradores en red Networked partners: Associació Estel Tàpia, Dona Kolors, Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals Blanquerna, URL, y Associació per a Joves TEB. Participación en la fiesta de encendida de las luces Participation in lights activation party: Impulsem SCCL, Eix Comercial Raval, Districte de Ciutat Vella, Raval Comercial-Foment de Ciutat, Escola de Músics i JPC, Focus, y Fundació Tot Raval. Fotografía Photograph: Fundació Tot Raval.
Curro Claret