San Claudio, Asturias. Spain

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San Claudio Wastewater Treatment Plant

padilla nicás arquitectos / Francisco José Padilla + Juan Manuel Nicás Caballero

Description Technical file

This project, characterised by a successful adaptation to the landscape, offers a suite of different constructions and aediculae that ultimately understand each other within a green and privileged natural setting.
The project consists of the volumetric and material definition for the new constructions to be erected in the enlargement of the San Claudio Wastewater Treatment Plant near the city of Oviedo; new constructions whose position and function within the Plant were established by the corresponding Engineering and Hydraulics Project intended for water treatment.
Given that the positions of each element are fixed by the above-mentioned project, and with knowledge of the requirements for clearance heights in the various parts of each building (established by the hoists, bridge cranes, vertical-opening pumps or accesses to machinery and replacements), the project’s main objective was to give the new constructions a set of volumetries that would be respectful of the rural setting in which they are located, meeting the required needs for use and heights and employing low-cost, low-maintenance materials.
Two types of new constructions can be distinguished: on one hand small-size manholes serving as access points to the underground channels built from coloured concrete to facilitate identification within the plant and, on the other, a series of constructions made of a metallic structure resting on large in-situ-poured concrete vats through which the water flows and is treated. These constructions, with their notable size, are clad in embossed aluminium in order to blur their volume and thus reduce their impact.
The broken outline of the final proposal connects with those of the farmstead situated around it, while the change in material on its different façades reduces its scale. The use of rendered concrete and translucent polycarbonate allows the buildings to ultimately integrate and gain in natural lighting.
The openings, square in shape and of uncertain size owing to the absence of detail, mislead the viewer as to the true size of the main construction.

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Localización Location: San Claudio, Asturias. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: padilla nicás arquitectos / Francisco José Padilla + Juan Manuel Nicás Caballero. Director de las obras por parte del promotor Developer’s director of works: Vanesa Mateo Pérez. Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborating architects: Alfonso López, Daniel Guerra, Alba Romero y Giusy di Pinto. Estructuras Structures: Bernabéu Ingenieros. Mediciones y presupuesto Measurements and budget: Álvaro Rivera Artieda. Promotor Developer: ACUAES + Principado de Asturias. Constructora General Contractor: U.T.E FCC Aqualia. Fecha de finalización de la obra Works completion date: 2016. Fotografía Photography: Mariela Apollonio.
padilla nicás arquitectos
Francisco José Padilla Alonso
Juan Manuel Caballero Nicas
Mariela Apollonio