Tortosa, Tarragona. Spain

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Headquarters for the Territorial Delegations of “Les Terres de l’Ebre”

Carme Pinós Desplat

Description Technical file

The geometries that dominate the alignment formalisation in this project are, beyond a volumetric play, the result of a decided determination to push through its particular urban fit strategy.
This project, situated in the centre of the compact old town where the historic buildings are aligned with the street façades, sought not to break up this rhythm and so decided to maintain its alignment with the main street.
Formalising the building, with the inclines of its façades, is driven by the resolve to create three well-articulated squares instead of a single large one which, taking into account the district’s character, was not considered to be an appropriate option given the lack of architectural value of the adjacent constructions.
The project provides an aspect of solidity transmitting the fact that this is a representative public building situated in a solid block in which the windows look like cut-outs, standing in the centre of the plot in order to articulate three public spaces that are read in different ways. The first one, the entrance area and viewed as the main public space, is defined by the façade aligned with calle Montcada, elevating its end into a cantilever to create the access to a sunlit plaza. A large buried planter favours the growth of large-size trees that provide shade for the square and the working areas while flagging the main entrance to the building. The second public space is understood as a small, more domestic plaza where, thanks to the topography, trees could be planted without hindrance by simply reinforcing the car park structure. The last space is a small plaza that receives the circulations from the old administrative building towards the new government headquarters of the Ebro Lands. The two access plazas are connected via the building’s foyer.
Two types of façades are established: one with small openings and another one with large windows. The latter corresponds to the working area, which has large rooms facing the peaceful plazas, while the façade with small windows corresponds to the smaller offices.

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Localización Location: Tortosa, Tarragona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Carme Pinós Desplat / Estudio Carme Pinós (ECP). Arquitecto Director proyecto ECP ECP Project Director Architect: Roberto Carlos García y Juan Antonio Andreu. Dirección de ejecución Quantity surveyor: Auding Intraesa - Consultoría e Ingeniería. Equipo Arquitectura ECP ECP Architecture Team: Marco Tapia, Agustín Pérez Torres, Holger Hennefarth, Jeanne de Bussac y Daniel Cano Estructuras Structures: BOMA. Brufau, Obiol, Moya & Ass., S.L. (proyecto) y MASALA Consultors (obra y modificaciones). Instalaciones Facilities: Consulting Oficina Tècnica Lluis J. Duart. Mediciones y presupuesto Measurements and budget: Gestió de Projectes i Obres, G3 (proyecto) y Auding Intraesa. Consultoría e Ingeniería (modificaciones). Maqueta concurso Competition Model: Fabián Asunción. Otras maquetas Other maquettes: Estudio Carme Pinós Infografía Computer graphics: Estudio Carme Pinós. Gestión y Seguimiento Obra Works Management and Monitoring: Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya, S.A.U. Cliente Client: Generalitat de Catalunya. Constructora General Contractor: ACSA, Obras e Infraestructuras, S.A. Concurso Competition: 2005. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2006-2009. Ejecución Completion: abril 2010 – junio 2017 (proyecto modificado 1 en 2012, proyecto modificado 2 en 2015). Superficies Areas: 6.502m2 oficinas + 2.450m2plaza + 5.631m2 aparcamiento. Fotografía Photography: Jesús Arenas Mesa.
Carme Pinós
Jesús Arenas