Madrid. Spain

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Refurbishment of offices for Altafonte

Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos y Estudio Gonzalo del Val

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This interior design project in an industrial building in Madrid succeeds in transforming and functionally arranging a space intended for use as offices whose formal and functional background required a powerful exercise in structural analysis.
This project meets the need for growth and representativeness of one of the most important nation-wide music distributors. The volume of work and the company’s entry into the American market signified an increase in personnel –both workers and collaborators and department directors—in a workspace that was shared with other companies. The requirement, therefore, was a project that would encompass the full use of the space, that would not be a hindrance to the office activity and that would meet the expectations at a low financial cost.
The office is located in an industrial building with a highly versatile and robust structure. Over time this led to a build-up of many types of compartmentalisation and finishes. In this context, the proposal was to “reset” a highly fragmented space that had no identity of its own, restore the unit to its initial state and bring a fresh character to the space.
The proposal makes full use of the qualities of the original premises (the large dimensions of the floor plan, the generous lighting and the great height) to reverse its condition as an interior space and treat it as an exterior one. The project was conceived as an urban ensemble. An open-plan central space operates as an inhabited plaza in which the workstations are located. Around it are the compartmented spaces: canteen, storerooms, meeting rooms and offices, which are treated as heterogeneous attached constructions. Each one of them negotiates in a different way its formal condition and the way it occupies the floor plan, at the same time allowing the distribution of the space to be articulated and the office imagery to be reformulated.

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Localización Location: Madrid. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: María Langarita, Víctor Navarro y Gonzalo del Val. / Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos y Estudio Gonzalo del Val. Cliente Client: Altafonte Music Distribution S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Manuel Ocaña Fast & Furious Production Office S.L. Ejecución Completion: 2016. Fotografía Photography: Luís Díaz Díaz.
Estudio Gonzalo del Val
Luís Díaz Diaz