Barcelona. Spain

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ThoughtWorks Offices

JAAS | Albert Clèries, Jordi Gorgues, Manuel Julià

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Subtlety and a clear functional strategy personalise this interior design project undertaken within a framework characterised by formal and spatial robustness, the consequence of formalising the building itself.
The project is located on the top floor of the Media-Tic building in Barcelona’s Poblenou district and houses the new corporate headquarters of a US technology company. The existing neutral, monotonous and cold space is configured as an open-plan floor around a central courtyard interrupted by the presence of the building’s characteristic trusses. Both enveloping perimeters, the interior and the exterior one, are closed off by curtain walls of a heterogeneous character and quality.
The proposal’s main objective was to define a working environment that places the workers’ comfort at the centre of the project strategy, building a friendly, inclusive and diverse setting. In this endeavour, the continuous office space was divided into eight equivalent rooms separated by large acoustic blinds. They allow for delimiting spaces of more reduced, more domestic dimensions that can be modified according to the activity to be performed in them.
Inside each room, a large unit determines its activity. All these units have been designed through identical construction solutions that, together with the variations in the programme, shape an interior landscape of systematic and diverse characteristics. The construction of the wooden modules involved a prefab, detachable system. The restrained and neutral appearance of each module emphasises the central role played by the vegetation and the ensemble of informal furniture.
In the centre of the floor, and surrounding the courtyard, is an informal encounter and meeting space that recalls the courtyards and cloisters of Mediterranean architecture. This space, with abundant vegetation, operates as the single circulation ring to avoid having to define repetitious corridors in the floor layout.
The main required programme, the workspace, is fragmented in a quest to adapt the privacy of the equipment to a more sheltered dimension. A broad catalogue of different spaces is available for working in a standing position, sitting around a table or reclining on a deckchair in order to meet the multiple requirements for working possibilities.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: JAAS | Albert Clèries, Jordi Gorgues y Manuel Julià. Colaboradores Collaborators: Gil Roca. Constructora General Contractor: Obres i Contractes Penta, S.A. Superficie construida Built area: 1.600m2. Fecha proyecto Project date: Octubre 2016. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: Mayo 2017. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Àlex Jiménez & Jon Marín

JAAS Julià Arquitectes Associats
Albert Clèries

Jordi Gorgues

José Hevia