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Valdés, Principado de Asturias. Spain

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[baragaño] Sergio Baragaño, Verónica Carreño, Fabio Trabanco

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Technology and tradition come together in the conception strategies for this attractive family house project in a fragile landscape setting with difficulties of access.
Our English clients, captivated by Asturias, are committed to making their second residence an
industrialised one. Entirely manufactured in Madrid in four months and shipped to its end location 600km away, it crossed the Cantabrian mountain range and was assembled in 5 hours. Finally the black slate roof was installed by a local craftsman.
The project develops over two levels, in a simple programme that groups the installations together in one of the three modules that shape it. The metallic staircase is the home’s central element, around which the programme is built in a dialogue with the hanging fireplace of the living room. The
upper floor contains two bedrooms, separated by a lightweight polycarbonate wall that filters the light.
A home for an English landscape architect and his family, developed in collaboration with the clients, who were involved in the project right from the start. It shows absolute respect for the rural setting in which it stands: an attractive ensemble comprised of a raised granary and a traditional house.
Producing a house in a factory and fully transporting the finished product to the location, in addition to providing greater control over the quality of the works, entails numerous benefits that are listed below and prevents the cumbersome formalities that embarking on the construction process of a house involves for the client: reduction in cost and execution timeframe and consequently a rapid return on
investment, greater site safety and a reduction in potential occupational risks, precise, high-quality construction that meets the requirements of the Technical Building Code (CTE), flexibility in the finishes, product adaptability and possibility of future enlargement, possibility of relocating the house to other settings, a commitment to real sustainability in the manner it is constructed: optimisation and recycling and, ultimately, structural security and precision of the metallic structure, especially in earthquake-prone areas. The construction of the home used a modular system of three-dimensional components produced in an assembly line. The main structure comprises galvanised laminated steel elements with rigid welded knots. The ensemble meets all CTE requirements.

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Localización Location: Valdés, Principado de Asturias. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: [baragaño]. Equipo a cargo del proyecto Team in charge of the project: Sergio Baragaño, Verónica Carreño, Fabio Trabanco, arquitectos. Promotor Developer: James Braybrooke. Constructora General Contractor: Neoblock Modular. Superficie construida Built area: 100m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2016. Fotografía del proceso de fabricación Photograph of the manufacturing process: Verónica Carreño [vuelaonada]. Fotografía Photography: Mariela Apollonio.
Sergio Baragaño

Verónica Carreño

Fabio Trabanco

Mariela Apollonio