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Reinosa, Cantabria. Spain

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IMPLUVIUM, Community Center

RAW/deAbajoGarcia | Begoña de Abajo + Carlos García

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In this project intended for a Community Centre in Reinosa, the extensive use of wood as the construction material facilitates its subsequent assembly on site as part of a prefabrication exercise.

Impluvium is a great roof with a laminated wood structure comprised of pieces cut in the workshop and assembled on site on the remains of an old market demolished after a fire. The roof, together with the four service boxes that emerge from the floor, shape the necessary infrastructure for the staging of multiple events, both spontaneous and scheduled, under the same roof.

The square ground plan of the community centre is organised around the strategic placement of the mentioned boxes and a courtyard that polarises the interior spaces. This courtyard is off-centre to encourage the emergence of differentiated zones on the floor. For its part, the floor sinks in the centre, shifting away from the enclosure to generate shaded zones in summer and a continuous bench that is flooded in direct sunlight through the glass in winter.

The ground floor is in continuity with the place, extending the public space towards the interior and visually connecting the entire building with the street. In contrast, the strategy used in the section allows for hanging a mezzanine from the main structure, one that provides a greater degree of privacy. Its location on the perimeter gives it a more linear character and a more individual scale while making the most of daylight, which is filtered through a wooden lattice that surrounds the building.

The variety of spatial situations in and around the courtyard, around the void or in front of the building generates a great deal of flexibility of uses without losing out on the specificity of the different settings.

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Localización Location: Reinosa, Cantabria. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: RAW/deAbajoGarcia | Begoña de Abajo Castrillo + Carlos García Fernández. Arquitecto técnico Quantity surveyor: Jesús Gangas. Colaboradores Collaborators: Antonio Rincón, arquitecto, Miguel A. Palencia, arquitecto técnico (concurso). Estructuras Structures: Juan F. De la Torre | Euteca S.L. Instalaciones Facilities: Proyecta S.L. Cliente Client: Emuprosa / Ayto. de Reinosa. Constructora General Contractor: Fernández Rosillo S.L. Superficie construida Built area: 1.500m². Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Montse Zamorano, Aerofoto.
Suppliers list
Madera laminada para carpínteria y madera cerramiento fachada: Siero Lam

Begoña de Abajo

Carlos García

Montse Zamorano
New York