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EG 69 Green Housing

Miba Architects | Laia Isern y Toni Montes

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The launch of a well-worked-out process based on a commitment to technological innovation and respect for the environment on the part of designers, developer and builder transforms this project into an evident sample of architecture’s capacity for regenerating the city.

This proposal is suggested as a route to refurbishing the old buildings of Barcelona’s Ensanche district, improve their energy performance and improve the quality of the urban fabric by making use of private initiative, in other words without resorting to public funds and without demanding that the owners of existing dwellings assume the cost of this urban regeneration. The intervention consists of refurbishing the façades, the communal spaces and facilities of the existing building and the installation of a lift plus the construction of two industrialised dwellings on the raised roof.

The project is the result of a research process to develop strategies and tools for improving and assessing environmental impact and for adapting highly eco-efficient industrialised construction technologies to an urban context of high social, functional and regulatory complexity. The new construction, essentially made of certified (FSC) wood, was built in the workshop, transported to its final location and assembled in 24 hours, very significantly reducing timeframes, waste and inconvenience compared to conventional construction methods.

All the materials employed in the construction, from the structure to the enclosures, partitions, windows or roof, are recyclable and their manufacture has a minimal environmental impact. The industrial dry construction process barely generates any waste and is carried out without consuming water. The new dwellings have been designed for reducing climate control needs to a minimum and use low-consumption systems for water and lighting. The energy required for functioning is produced from solar panels and high-performance equipment. Owing to this approach, the project won maximum energy efficiency rating (A+).

Integration into the urban context entailed two simple decisions: on one hand, the new volume adapts its height to establish in its cornice line a continuity between the two adjacent buildings of differing heights and, on the other, the façade composition is a contemporary ventilated façade reinterpretation of the original one lining the lower floors, respecting the proportions of the openings and the colour range of the shutters.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Miba Architects | Laia Isern y Toni Montes. Dirección y ejecución de obra Construction management and execution: AT3 Oller Peña. Asesoría ambiental Environmental consultancy: Societat Orgànica. Promotor Developer: La Casa por el Tejado. Constructora General Contractor: Vegas del Vallès (rehabilitación finca y acabados interiores) y Novadomus (construcción industrializada de madera). Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2016. Fotografía Photography: Oriol Vives (fachada) y José Hevia (interiores).
Laia Isern

Toni Montes

Miba Architects

José Hevia