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L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain.

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La Remunta Day Nursery


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Where there used to be horses there are now children one to three years old. What used to be the stables of the old La Remunta barracks in l’Hospitalet are now classrooms. On the outside, the building has undergone a slight volumetric modification, while the interior is completely changed. What used to be a darkish unit, with stalls on both sides and a central corridor dimly lit by roof lights, is now a school building.

The most unusual and characteristic element of the preexisting building were the transversal parallel walls every two metres, which operated as diaphragms. The project set out to cut down the walls to a height of 2.20m and keep them as a succession of white screens that diffuse the daylight coming in through the roof. The classrooms are underneath this repetitive, orderly structure, while the communal space is concentrated in a space of great formal power on a crossshaped floor area, which is completed with a new glazed access body that juts out from the built perimeter and organises the playground. The resulting intervention is as modest as it is effective as well as economical.

The strategy followed by BAAS, the team headed by Jordi Badia, was a simple one. A first action cut down the walls that separated the horse stalls and left them hanging at a little over two metres in height, acting as screens that bounce off the light coming in through the roof. This provided space for the
classrooms. A second action sketched out a cross on the floor space to open up corridors and a communal area. The work was completed with an addition of a small glazed access pavilion, cutting openings of different dimensions into the building’s walls and raising the upper-storey roof a little to obtain more light, retouching the elevation of the original volume. These are not the times for architectural showing off. Money is scarce, and public bodies do not wish to incur in excessive
expenditure; rather the opposite. This is the time for an architecture devoted to refurbishing old constructions, and in this regard this one on La Remunta has great value.

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Localización Location: L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: BAAS | Jordi Badia, arquitecto. Jefe de proyecto Project manager: Mireia Monràs. Equipo Team: Viki Llinares, Eva Damià, Mercè Lorente, Laura Sanchís, Alba Azuara, Pere Molas. Instalaciones Facilities: Atres80. Cliente Client: Consorci Reforma de la GV de l'Hospitalet. Constructora General Contractor: Copisa. Area Area: 697m² + 559m². Fecha inicio y finalización del proyecto Start and completion date of the project: 2013-15. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Jordi Badía
BAAS Arquitectes
Adrià Goula