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Barcelona. Spain.

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Interior reform of dwellings in poblenou.


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Good sense and good execution characterise this attractive exercise in refurbishing a series of old dwellings situated in Barcelona’s Poblenou district.

The project’s authors sum up the way they tackled it: “We always understood an intervention on existing buildings as a way of recovering the building’s essence. Our efforts focused on clearing the construction of elements added by the residents, which were built anarchically over time in an attempt to meet their needs for convenience and comfort and which unfortunately subtracted from its architectural quality”.

The project involves an action on a building between party walls comprising a ground floor and four upper storeys, with two flats per landing, in Barcelona’s Poblenou district. Each flat measured 56m2 distributed over six rooms. The result was dark flats with small spaces, some of them without ventilation. The kitchens and bathrooms, which were later additions to the original building, were built on
the balconies of the back façade, blocking out the incoming daylight.

The clean-up operation consisted of recovering the spaces of the back façade, dismantling the kitchen and bathroom and resituating them in the central part of each flat, leaving two generous rooms on either side. Living-dining room and kitchen are situated against the main frontage, and the bedroom and study against the back façade.

With the kitchen understood as a space in which part of the occupants’ social life takes place, open-plan kitchens were built that visually and physically take part in the space that configures the living-dining room.
Equally, the bathroom, though an interior room, enjoys a window that gives it greater amplitude and visually connects it with the bedroom, gallery and the exterior. The early 20th-century building conceals sufficiently attractive construction elements to preclude the need for resorting to any additions. The false ceilings made from wattle were removed, to expose the structure of wooden beams and ceramic brick vaults. The solid manual brick fabric of the load-bearing walls was also left exposed. The only new materials to be incorporated are the ceramic tiles of the kitchen and bathroom cladding and the wooden flooring.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: qubba arquitectes | Joana Molina, Anna Millet, Arcadi Royo, arquitectos. Constructora General Contractor: Airaglub S.L. Superfície viviendas Dwellings surface: 56,00 m² / vivienda. Fecha inicio y finalización de la obra Start and completion date of the works: marzo 2016 – diciembre 2017. Fotografía Photography: Pau Guerrero.
qubba arquitectes

Joana Molina

Anna Millet

Arcadi Royo

Pau Guerrero